The Expressway Facility Management System

19 Aug,2019

The expressway facility management system supplements the data collection and data of the facilities along the expressway and establishes a basic database of highway facilities based on the status of the infrastructure data resources along the expressway. It also combines the business needs of the management department to establish a facility management system along the expressway based on the demonstration application of BIM technology. The system achieves a refined display of facilities and provides a basis for the implementation of road administration, road network management, maintenance management, etc.

The construction of the system mainly includes the function modules of facility inquiry, facility inspection, facility management, statistical analysis and system management on both PC and APP. Based on the design concept of three-map-in-one, the system will display the electronic line drawing of daily business operations, the 3D remote sensing reflecting the topography of the site, the BIM model, the oblique photogrammetry of the drone and real-scene map through the LRS linear mileage pile system.

The core technologies applied to the system:

(1) The LRS linear mileage station system

(2) The simultaneous display of real-scene maps and electronic maps

(3) The accurate fit of BIM model, drone oblique photogrammetry and remote sensing image

(4) The symbolic modeling and road network display of 3D pipelines

(5) The automatic inspection based on real-scene map

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