“See through” Urban Underground Pipeline Networks with AR Eyes

27 Apr,2022

The underground pipeline network is the “lifeline” of a city. The pipeline network facilities are concealed and spatially complex. As a result, when the urban pipeline network is under repair or operation, excavation bursts, inspection misses, repeated excavation, etc., always happen.

Tofly Tech has developed an underground pipeline network based on SuperMap 3D AR, which puts “AR Augmented Reality pipeline technology” into practice, and enables a “transparent” pipeline network.

Tofly Tech AR Pipeline technology uses AR intelligent positioning equipment, with the AR positioning and visualization of mobile terminal software, to locate and present underground pipelines in the process of construction, renovation and operation and maintenance.

Only 2 steps are required to “see through” the underground pipeline network:

Upload model

Upload the prepared BIM models of each specialty of the underground pipe network to the Web-end background.

On-site positioning model

After arriving at the site, users open the software of the mobile terminal on the mobile tablet or mobile phone, and then the 1:1 projection of the underground pipe network model can be restored to the site.

What special effects does AR technology bring to the application of underground pipeline networks?

In inspection tasks, BIM+AR technology can be used to accurately match the pipeline model with the actual location, and the situation of the underground pipeline on site can be seen totally.

The properties of pipelines, manhole covers, valves and other facilities can also be viewed in real time, such as pipeline type, serial number, pipe diameter, manhole cover size, buried depth, material, buried age, affiliated unit, status, usage, etc. At the same time, knowing the buried depth of different pipelines can also avoid construction excavation accidents.

Besides, valve inspection of the pipeline network can be enabled. Different from the previous operation method based on experience, BIM+AR can now be used to achieve accurate real-time matching maintenance. Scan the road with a mobile terminal, and the information of valves and pipe networks can be extracted, which can be matched with the real scene and presented on the screen.

The combination of BIM+AR technology and IoT can also be applied to underground pipeline problems alarming, personnel scheduling and emergency repair. When a facility fails, such as a sewage pipeline burst, an alarm will be automatically issued through the relevant equipment, the location and number of the pipeline will be quickly located, and the cause of the failure will be checked, and then nearby personnel will be dispatched to the failure point for emergency repair. At the same time, you can also discover the real-time status of the water quantity, water quality, water pressure and other real-time status of the pipe network through related equipment.

AR intelligent inspection can not only improve the accuracy of inspection, but also save time and reduce losses. Real-time location positioning can also help to find and fill the gaps in the pipeline network and other facilities. Through the comparison of the physical object and the registered equipment, it can be found whether there is a lack of registration or over-registration, and if there is a failure, the failure point can also be marked.

Source: Tofly Tech

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