SuperMap online GIS platform (www.supermapol.com) integrates GIS data management, service management, data mining, and display. It helps users achieve the security of GIS data on cloud, and provides a wealth of tools for data online display and analysis, and creates a GIS resource creator platform from creation to revenue. Meanwhile, it provides multiple SDKs for developers to access, use GIS data, and quickly develop business systems.


New experiences

  • Provides new homepage to clearly showcase product, quick position and link to target functions.
  • New account management system has been launched, supporting personal and corporate authentication, providing a safer and more convenient management experience.
  • New personal or corporate console provides unified management for account quotas, purchasing services, licenses, revenue, and messages.

GIS data storage

  • Storage and use: safety on cloud of 2D/3D data (SuperMap workspace, UDB, Excel, Shapefile, GeoJSON, etc), and can be browsed, queried, edited, analyzed through cloud application.
  • Mobile office: download and share data through Web, PC and mobile terminals anywhere at any time.
  • Easy maintenance: with its own GIS cluster, health monitoring and self-recovery capabilities, users do not need to care about deployment and operation and maintenance.

GIS cloud serverr

  • Provides new GIS cloud server module for renting, reducing one-time investment costs, and flexibly responding to business needs.
  • The published GIS services can be directly accessed on the public network without paying attention to network issues.
  • Supports one click publishing service, and supports common GIS data files such as SuperMap workspace and Shapefiles to be published as standard OGC.
  • Supports quick immigration of local services to the cloud by guided tools.
  • Supports convenient setting of service access permissions and multiple service monitoring tools.

GIS Online application

  • Various Web Apps: DataViz WebApp, DataInsights WebApp, Earth WebApp, map matching, MapDashboard WebApp, map studio, etc.
  • Supports online interactive visualization and 2D and 3D data analysis to output results conveniently and share online in multiple ways.
  • There is no need to install the cloud desktop experience version for online use, and the traditional desktop has a new cloud experience.
  • Lightweight online GIS gadgets to quickly complete common GIS analysis and processing tasks.
  • Online experiences remote sensing image AI analysis and real 3D China in solution module.

GIS resource center

  • It is a GIS resource platform focused on the creator, providing functions such as resource creation, listing, and transaction, and it reflects the whole process from creation to revenue, and experiences a different GISer online creation community.
  • Provides a variety of selected, self-operated, and third-party resources for free use, including excellent resources like massive thematic data and services, large-screen templates adapted to various industries.
  • In addition to traditional GIS resources, it also provides material resources (drawing symbols, color schemes, etc.) and extension resources (plugins, demonstration programs, documents, etc.) for producing GIS results.

GIS products shop

  • Cloud Service Personal Edition is designed specifically for individual users to manage and publish GIS data online, and create amazing online maps and applications.
  • Cloud Service Government Enterprise Edition is specially customized for government and enterprise users, with comprehensive member and permission management solutions to better manage enterprise resources and quotas.
  • Desktop users, web developers, component developers, and mobile developers can purchase, authorize, and manage licenses online.
  • Cloud service expansion package provides multiple quota enhancement capabilities, and more flexible use when paired with packages.

GIS development center

  • JavaScript development: Supports quick creation of online web applications based on SuperMap Online data hosting, map visualization, data analysis by API or SDK in web scenes.
  • Android/iOS development: Provides quick creation of mobile applications based on SuperMap Online data hosting, map visualization, data analysis, path navigation, forward and inverse geocode, local search by Android/iOS SDK.
  • Web service: Provides cloud analysis such as path navigation, forward and inverse geocode, coordinate conversion, local search, plotting services in the form of standard REST API to be integrated into different language environments such as JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, Python to use online GIS capabilities.
  • Rich development examples and document support: demos for data processing, map services, online applications, and detailed development documents to help developers get started.