SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. is an innovative GIS platform software and service provider. It was founded in 1997 in Beijing (headquarter). Now, SuperMap has more than 4,000 employees with annual revenue growth of over 30%. The most important milestone is that SuperMap was the first listed GIS software company in China in 2009. Now, SuperMap has become one of the largest GIS platform manufacturers in the world.

SuperMap focuses on providing innovative GIS platform software and solutions for various  industries, such as smart city, land management, real estate, urban planning, pipeline management, public service, etc. Meanwhile, SuperMap is dedicated to developing overseas market. By now, SuperMap has successfully entered Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, and has developed distributors and partners from over 50 countries and end users from over 100 countries.

Innovate IT Value with Geo-intelligence

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The Platform Business

Supporting more than 1000 partners to provide GIS application solutions for various industries.

The International Business

Has developed distributors and partners in more than 50 countries and has been introduced to more than 100 countries and regions.

The Cloud Business

Providing online GIS application services for industry users and online map data, API services, as well as online map mapping and geographic analysis services for enterprise customers and partners.

The Application Business

Focusing on GIS application software business and is outstanding in smart city, planning, land, real estate registration, resource environment, national defense and military industry.