It is a GIS web terminal development platform based on the modern Web technology. It is the unified Javascript client for the SuperMap cloud GIS and online GIS platform products.


Map libraries and chart libraries

  • Map development library supports: Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapboxGL-JS, iClient Classic.
  • Provides a new map library: iClient for MapLibreGL, which can be smoothly upgraded using the Mapbox solution.
  • Chart development library supports: ECharts, D3, MapV, DECK.GL.
  • Supports component-based development under the Vue/React framework, including: map components, rich geographic visualization components, chart components, and basic GIS components, etc.
  • Adopts MVVM (Model-ViewViewModel) as the architecture design, and is compatible with other frameworks, such as Angular and native H5 development.
  • The component has more than 100 themes, and the theme style of all components can be switched with one click.

Big data visualization

  • Provides unified API and visualization for distributed analysis service and data flow services of SuperMap iServer.
  • Supports various temporal and static visualization effects: scatter map, heat map, honeycomb map, trajectory map, O-D map, flow map, 3D architectural map, wind map, etc.

Vector tiles

  • Supports MVT and standard coordinate systems, such as geographic coordinate system, projected coordinate system, local coordinate system, etc.
  • Supports interactive and style configuration, including query, selection, highlight, etc.

Client computing

  • Integrates turf.js, and supports client computing like geospatial, topology, equivalence, measurement, etc.
  • Supports high performance analysis and calculation in client without interaction with server.

Web Symbol library

  • Supports Web symbol library for the consistent symbolization of the front ends.

Cloud native format

  • Supports the cloud native vector exchange format (FlatGeobuf), supports direct access to the FlatGeobuf format files returned by Cloud storage and SuperMap iServer services, and supports streaming transmission and rendering.

Knowledge graph

  • Supports Web visualization of geographical knowledge graph and rapid mapping.


It is a 3D web terminal development platform based on WebGL technology, which can be used to build 3D GIS applications with plug-ins free, cross-operating systems and cross-browser.


Version compatibility

  • Supports WebGL1.0 and WebGL2.0 versions, and defaults to WebGL2.0.

Coordinate system

  • Support projection coordinate system, geographic coordinate system, local coordinate system, etc.

Multi-source spatial data loading

  • Supports loading multi-source and heterogeneous data such as Terrain, image, white building model data, high-precision city model data, oblique photography 3D model, point cloud, BIM, 3D point/line/polygon, 3D field data, 3D network data, etc.
  • Supports loading various terrain and image services such as Sky Map, Bing Maps, SuperMap online map, MapBox, STK terrain, ArcGIServer, etc.
  • Provides vector tile layers, supports MVT vector tile data, and support vector object selection, attribute/spatial query, style/explicit/implicit settings, etc.
  • Optimizes the loading performance and avoidance effect of MVT data text, and supports annotation along MVT text lines.
  • Provides dynamic layers to support efficient rendering of massive real-time dynamic objects.
  • Provides instantiation layers to support batch creation, real-time editing, and efficient rendering of large-scale 3D symbolic objects.
  • Supports animation model effects such as layer animation, model explosion, and model dynamic stretching.
  • Provides strong data carrying capacity, and supports fast loading and smooth displaying of city level data.
  • Provides data security, and supports accessing to protected resources based on Token, and custom request headers setting.
  • Supports partial updates of oblique photography 3D models, and dynamically switches the display of oblique photography 3D models from different historical periods.

3D GIS analysis and query

  • Supports 3D spatial analysis and measurement such as skyline analysis, visibility analysis and distance/height/area measurement.
  • Supports 3D spatial operations such as Boolean operations, stretching, and section lofting.
  • Supports terrain modification, terrain excavation, slope and aspect analysis, isoline analysis, inundation analysis, and terrain layering and coloring.
  • Supports 3D query such as POI retrieval, attribute query, SQL query, spatial query, GPU based spatial query.
  • Supports GPU based 3D spatial analysis and expression such as real-time section, cropping, excavation, explosion, exaggeration, and virtual drilling of geological bodies.
  • Supports online drawing and real-time editing for objects such as points, lines, polygons, geometry, and small items.
  • Supports flight along the route.

High fidelity rendering of 3D geographic scenes

  • Supports post-processing special effects such as ambient occlusion, screen space reflection, bloom, depth of field, color correction and scanning line.
  • Optimizes post processing anti sawtooth algorithm, and supports SMAA.
  • Supports multipe light and shadow effects such as custom lighting (point/directional light/spot light), self illumination, etc.
  • Supports HDR (High dynamic range) and KTX format environment mapping loading.
  • Optimizes shadow effects, and supports real-time shadows.
  • Supports physics based atmospheric scattering, sunlight diffuse reflection, and simulation of rainy and snowy weather effects.
  • Provides high-performance particle systems, and supports flames, fountains, rain and snow simulation.
  • Supports special effects such as draft mode, roller effect, trail line, border line, OIT (order independent transparent) rendering.
  • Provides more realistic physical materials (PBR materials), and optimizes overall shading and normal effects.
  • Optimizes water surface effects, and supports water surface reflection effects to simulate water surface waves.

Low code development

  • Supports Vue2.0/3.0 components.


It is a 3D GIS network client development platform based on WebGPU technology for building 3D GIS applications with plug-in free, cross operating system, cross device, and cross browser.


Multi-source spatial data loading

  • Supports multi-source heterogeneous data loading, such as white building model data, high-precision city model data, oblique photography 3D models, BIM, point clouds, terrain, images.
  • The rendering performance of 100 square kilometers of urban precision modeling data can be 30% better than that of 3D WebGL terminals.

3D GIS analysis and query

  • Support GPU based 3D spatial analysis such as visibility analysis, viewshed analysis, skyline analysis, openness analysis, sunshine analysis, section analysis, etc.
  • Support 3D Spatial query based on GPU.
  • Supports videos.
  • Support terrain modification, excavation, slope and aspect analysis.
  • Supports S3M layer cropping.

High fidelity rendering of 3D geographic scenes

  • Supports real-time shadows, water reflection, environment mapping, and sky box effects.
  • Supports post processing anti aliasing algorithm SMAA.
  • Supports more realistic PBR materials.


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