SuperMap iDesktop

It is a 2D and 3D integrated desktop GIS software platform. It has the ability of data management, processing, editing, mapping, analysis, plotting, etc. It support data and map service accessing and cloud resource collaboration, supports extended customization development, and can be used for spatial data production and analysis, nautical map data production, and business system customization.

SuperMap iDesktopX

It is a cross platform 2D and 3D integrated desktop GIS software platform. It supports the mainstream operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc. It provides geospatial data production and processing, distributed data management and analysis, mapping, service publishing, processing automation modeling, machine learning, video analysis and other functions. It can be used for data production, processing, analysis and mapping.


Data management

  • Supports PostGIS, Oracle, MongoDB database engine.
  • Supports distributed engines of HBase, DSF, PostGIS, etc.
  • Supports importing more than 80 kinds of data formats and exporting more than 30 kinds of data formats.
  • Supports the creation of mosaic datasets to manage massive image data stored locally, FTP, NAS, and cloud.
  • Supports data version management, serving multi-person collaborative data production.
  • Supports the tools for sending stream data, and can connect with iserverstream service.
  • Predefines more than 1600 coordinate systems, and supports coordinate system customization, and can preview the applicable scope of coordinate system.

Data editing and processing

  • Supports symbolization of collected data and vectorization of lines and polygons.
  • Provides more than 200 data processing functions such as fusion, thinning, clustering, resampling, grid update, etc.
  • Provides topology functions such as topology check, topology network construction, topology polygon construction, line topology processing, etc.
  • Supports projection conversion, and provides 11 kinds of projection conversion methods such as 2D four-parameter and 3D seven-parameter.
  • Supports reverse projection conversion parameters, and supports 5 coordinate system conversion models.


  • Supports multiple thematic maps making, such as single value, segment, label, label matrix, etc.
  • Supports dynamic aggregation map, regional aggregation map, and deformation map.
  • Supports point, line and fill symbols making.
  • Supports the retrieval and use of online mapping resources, including symbols, color schemes, etc.
  • Supports intelligent map rendering based on the picture style, and supports adjustment of map brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Supports setting the display weight of text / label thematic map layers, which is convenient to adjust the display order of layers.
  • Supports map performance diagnosis, which can simultaneously detect the performance of the entire map at multiple scales.
  • Supports mapping tools such as map tiling, map grid, standard map frame, SOT index map, etc.

Map tiles

  • Provides whole process technical solutions for map tiles production, management and release.
  • Supports multi task parallelism generation of map tiles.
  • Provides management functions such as tile merging, extraction, update, inspection, format conversion, etc.

Map layout

  • Support wizard style layout creation and interactive addition of layout elements.
  • Supports map grid creation, which can add multiple kilometer grids or latitude and longitude grids to the map.
  • Supports the creation of map series and graph printing.

Statistic chart

  • Supports more than 10 chart forms such as histogram, scatter plot, and area chart.
  • Supports the conversion between charts and thematic maps.
  • Supports the linkage of charts, maps and attribute tables.

Geospatial analysis

  • Provides vector analysis functions, such as buffer analysis, overlay analysis, proximity analysis, etc.
  • Supports interpolation analysis, and provides interpolation methods such as Kriging, distance inverse weight, obstacle spline.
  • Supports hydrological analysis, and provides river correction DEM, calculation of watersheds, extraction of river networks, etc.
  • Provides surface analysis functions such as contour/polygon extraction, slope, aspect, fill and excavation, etc.
  • Supports traffic network analysis, facility network analysis and dynamic segmentation.

Geospatial statistic analysis

  • Supports measurement geographic analysis of center elements, average center, median center, direction distribution,etc.
  • Provides analysis mode functions of geospatial auto correlation, high and low value clustering, geographic detector, etc.
  • Supports clustering distribution functions of hot spot analysis, clustering and outlier analysis, density clustering,etc.
  • Supports spatial relationship modeling functions, such as ordinary least squares method and geographic weighted regression analysis.
  • Provides spatial sampling and inference functions, such as BShade sampling, random sampling, single-point geographic estimation, BShade prediction,etc.

Processing automation

  • Provides more than 1000 kinds of tools for data processing, classification transformation, geospatial analysis, geostatistical analysis, machine learning and distributed geological processing.
  • Supports variables, inline variables, iterative loops, and conditional filtering to improve model reusability and maintainability.
  • Supports model publish as service, and supports using models published by desktop in SuperMap iServer.
  • Supports model library files, protecting models by password classification.

Data migration

  • Supports the migration of ArcMap data, maps, symbol, layout, tile and service.
  • Supports the migration of MapGIS data, map and symbol.
  • Supports importing of EDB data, and supports map creation based on EPS data.
  • Provides ArcMap data quality inspection and map quality inspection tools.

Video map

  • Supports access of local and video stream data, including HLS (m3u8), RTSP, RTMP, http-flv protocols.
  • Supports spatialization of fixed-point and drone videos, and supports automatic spatialization after camera rotation.
  • Supports video and 2D data overlay display, embeding and integrating with 3D data
  • Supports video detection and analysis function of target detection, tracking, velocity measurement, geofence analysis, etc.
  • Supports multi-task video detection to improve detection performance.

Machine learning

  • Supports image interpretation based on deep learning, and provides whole process tools of sample making, model training, model evaluation, model reasoning, reasoning post-processing, etc.
  • Support multiple scene image interpretation such as binary classification, ground object classification, universal change detection, object detection, scene classification, etc.
  • Supports AI automatic annotation, annotating the entire image or clicking to annotate based on SAM model.
  • Provides more efficient GPU parallel strategy, and supports single card, multiple card, and designated graphics card device number training.

Image processing

  • Supports DOM and DSM/DEM data production based on multi-source original satellite remote sensing images.
  • Integrates AI technology to improve the accuracy and quality of image data production.
  • Provides acceleration technologies such as GPU computing and multi-task parallelism to serve large-scale image high-performance processing.
  • Supports automated processing technology, covering the whole process of image production, management, processing analysis, sharing and publishing.

Geographic knowledge graph

  • Supports the connection of Yukon and Neo4j Graph database to realize entity and relationship warehousing.
  • Supports associated browsing of graph entities with spatial attributes and map windows.
  • Supports graph query and analysis.
  • Provides data lineage to track and trace entities, and display them in the form of graph.

Cloud & terminal collaboration

  • Supports access to online map services such as OGC, SkyMap, OpenStreetMap, WorldTerrain and SuperMap REST.
  • Supports one-click publishing of maps, data, analysis, and 3D scenes services.
  • Supports data and services management in SuperMap Online and SuperMap iPortal.


  • Supports the management and display of multi-source heterogeneous 3D data such as oblique photography 3D models and BIM.
  • Supports multiple modeling functions such as stretching, lofting, 3D polar modeling, etc.
  • Supports dimensionality reduction operations such as obtaining cross sections, triangulation operations such as topology correction, as well as model editing functions such as model translation.
  • Supports analysis and calculation functions such as 3D buffer, Boolean operation, convex hull, spatial query.
  • Supports data operations such as cropping, digging, and embedding of TIN terrain and oblique photography 3D models.
  • Supports the generation, management, and display of caches such as 3D terrain cache, 3D image cache, TIN terrain cache, 3D vector cache, and 3D tile cache.
  • Supports real-time interaction in multiple scenarios such as rolling and cropping.
  • Supports GPU based 3D spatial analysis functions such as slope and aspect analysis, visibility analysis, and viewshed analysis.
  • Supports 3D flight simulation, customizable flight routes, and facilitates scene browsing.
  • Supports 3D special effects such as rain and snow, model animation, ocean, volume clouds, sky, and water reflection.
  • Supports 3D thematic maps creation such as 3D single value thematic maps, 3D segmented thematic maps.
  • Supports the creation of geometric objects such as points/lines/polygon and particle objects such as fountains in the scene.
  • Supports city sketches and bulletin boards adding.
  • Supports temporal model caching generation by point set, oblique data update, S3M version upgrade, model dataset ellipsoid transformation, tube well modeling, and model segmentation, and provides more powerful data processing capabilities.
  • Optimizes functions such as 3D Tiles and S3M conversion, cache plug-in model generation by point set, skewed storage, and data import.
  • Supports multiple GPA tools, including the directed distance calculation from point clouds to solid models, the intersection point set calculation between point clouds and line segment buffers, oblique data preprocessing, road design and S3M tile reslicing, and provides more efficient 3D data processing capabilities.
  • Supports multiple GPA tools such as optimized lofting and S3M version upgrade.

Customized development

  • Provides development templates to support interactive construction of secondary development projects.
  • Provides rich UI sample code and business sample code.
  • Supports work environment designer to quickly customize interface.
  • Supports toolbox customization, and extends tools through Java, Python, and Scala.
  • Supports Python environment and dependency packages management through Conda.


It is a 3D scene browsing software developed based on UE5 and the SuperMap Hi-Fi 3D GIS development platform (SuperMap Hi-Fi 3D SDK for Unreal). It supports accessing to online/offline massive multi-source heterogeneous spatial data, supports high-fidelity rendering of 3D geographic scenes, and provides support for applications such as digital twin and smart city.


Dynamically accessing multi-source 3D GIS data

  • Supports local/online GIS data loading: terrain, images, white building model data, high-precision city model data, oblique photography 3D model, point cloud, BIM, 3D point/line/polygon, etc.
  • Supports loading public services and OGC services: SuperMap Terrain service, BingMaps service, OpenStreetMap service, STK Terrain service, Sky Map Image, Sky Map Terrain, WMTS, WMS, etc.
  • Supports direct loading oblique photography 3D model data in OSGB format.

High fidelity rendering of 3D geographic scenes

  • Supports simulation of real sunlight and weather effects.
  • Supports multiple post-processing effects such as bloom, screen space reflection, motion blur.Provides multiple scene tones, and supports the rapid construction of multiple styles of high fidelity scenes.

Layer management

  • Supports layer displaying, hiding, adding, deleting, and quickly locating.

3D GIS analysis and query

  • Supports S3M tile data attributes query.
  • Supports flight management, and supports flight path files created in iDesktopX.
  • Supports measurement.


It is a cross platform electronic chart production desktop software, providing S57 standard chart data management, S52 chart displaying, S58 data query, and standard extension to ensure the production of electronic chart data. It supports main operation systems such as Linux, Windows, etc.


S57 electronic chart data production

  • Supports S57 standard chart data (*. 000 files) importing/exporting and files updating.
  • Supports the construction and management of combinations and master-slave relationships between objects.
  • Supports water depth groups creation and water depth group attributes editing.
  • Supports chart data version management and multi person coordination editing.

S52 electronic chart data displaying

  • Supports chart data displaying based on S52 standard.
  • Supports water depth displaying in 2-color and 4-color mode.
  • Supports color modes such as day, morning and evening.
  • Supports ocean and land integrated displaying of data.

S58 electronic chart data checking

  • Supports data checking based on S58 standard.
  • Supports topological relationships construction by topology checking tools.

Chart object extension

  • Supports S57, S52 and S58 standard extension.


It is a cross platform remote sensing image processing desktop software for satellite remote sensing image data based on technologies such as automation, intelligence and cross platform. It integrates global leading photogrammetric core algorithms, and provides connection point generation, ground control point generation, block adjustment, image registration, orthoimage generation, image integration, image color uniformity, mosaic line generation, dense matching, DSM filtering, DOM and DSM/DEM data production.


Data production

  • Supports automated processing technology, covering the whole process of image processing.
  • Supports multiple acceleration technologies such as multithreading parallelism and GPU computing, serving large-scale high-performance image processing.

Data management

  • Supports commonly used satellite remote sensing data processing, such as high score series, resource series, Sentinel, Landsat, IKONOS, WorldView, SPOT, etc.
  • Supports intermediate and result data management throughout the entire process in the way of embedded datasets.

Geometric correction

  • Supports automatic generation of connection points and ground control points, which can improve geometric accuracy based on AI semantic information.
  • Supports connection points and ground control points adding, deleting, and editing.
  • Supports ground control points importing, including control point files for field measurement collection.
  • Supports block adjustment with linear and nonlinear adjustment modes.
  • Supports image registration and register multispectral images registration based on corrected panchromatic images.

DOM production

  • Supports orthoimage generation, and supports the position and geometric deformation correction of the original image according to the modified RPC parameters.
  • Supports image integration, and supports high spatial resolution image creation based on the integration of panchromatic and multispectral Orthoimage.
  • SSupports image color uniformity to align the colors of other images with the template image.
  • Supports the generation of mosaic lines, which can avoid automatic generation of linear features such as buildings, roads, or rivers.
  • Provides mosaic line editing function to manually adjust the generated mosaic lines.
  • Supports results data output, and provides multiple output methods such as full image, standard division range, and polygon range cropping.

DSM/DEM production

  • Supports point clouds generation to generate dense point cloud data by dense matching on stereo images.
  • Supports DSM data generation based on stereo images.
  • Supports DSM filtering, and obtaining DEM data based on DSM data filtering.


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