The Engineering Project Management Platform based on BIM Technology

18 Feb,2020

Aiming at the characteristics of large investment scale, short construction period, and difficult terrain in construction projects, a set of project management platforms based on GIS + BIM technology were developed. The platform implements the collection and arrangement of massive engineering basic data and composes a standard intelligent management database, builds on the quality acceptance standards. Based on safety standards, it also analyses and integrates the six aspects- controls progress, quality management, safety control, technology management, cost management and material management in the construction site management process, which can provide effective technical means for project management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The following aspects are related to the project information:

(1) Making data interaction standards

BSBBS: Digital coding of physical models

CBS: Digital coding of construction procedures

EBS: Digital coding of engineering system decomposition

OBS: Digital coding of equipment

(2) The integration of BIM model and project image progress

The business functions can be controlled according to the platform progress. According to the real-time construction progress of each construction bid, the implementation of quality inspection and security inspection can be automatically updated to the BIM model. When browsing the BIM, the completed engineering parts can be identified with different colors, which can achieve the function of understanding the progress of the project image from BIM.

(3) Construction simulation

Compile the construction plan of the project, and carry out construction simulation according to the sequence of the process and construction identification.

(4) Distribute workers on the model through the combination of BIM + GIS

The task of dispatching work orders is released by extracting the model of the relevant anchor segment and clicking the component

(5) The integration of GIS, construction equipment, personnel, and vehicle positioning data

To achieve the safety protection of personnel and vehicle positioning during skylight operations on railway lines

The engineering project management platform is based on BIM technology to realize the information exchange between people (behavior), things (equipment), and data. Through the seamless transfer and fusion of building design data, construction site data, and intelligent operation data, modern data technology. It is applied to the entire life cycle of engineering design, construction, and operation. Through the data analysis and integration of the the progress control, quality management, safety control, technical management, and cost management in the construction site management, it can provide effective technical means for project management to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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