Grid Management in Helping Prevent and Control the Epidemic

19 Feb,2020

Many cities and districts across the country has take communities and villages as the important control and management sectors in epidemic management. Many related departments adopted the grid-based epidemic prevention and control measures, and relied on grid-based platforms to implement epidemic prevention and control measures.

The grid platform construction of some cities and districts undertaken by SuperMap is supporting the information gathering of mobile epidemic reception, disposal, follow-up inspection, and epidemic situation of community staffs through mobile office and operation supervision system.

1.Fast response, ensure the multi-level epidemic situation prevention and control

When facing the epidemic, government calls on the residents to report the information, and spontaneously, localities can receive the epidemic reports from residents through hotlines, WeChat and other channels.

On January 30, the Chaoyang District Urban Management Comprehensive Command Center received a report of epidemic from the hotline. The center immediately sent the reported information to the front-line staffs of the community through the grid platform. The front-line verified the information and contacted the community where target lives, which contributed to the appropriate response measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Similar epidemic information have been collected and formed a working mode of rapid verification, inspection, and processing through the grid platform, which provides a strong guarantee for staffs to supervise the epidemic.

The front-line can also quickly obtain information on people whose domicile is in Wuhan and other areas of Hubei through the population big data in the grid platform, and ask by phone to check the situations of these people and get to know the changes in time.

2. Expanded functions to provide assistance for grassroots epidemic prevention and control

In order to better conduct epidemic prevention and control works, Wuhu City added an epidemic management module to the city comprehensive management platform. The new platform integrates three functions of epidemic: task distribution, information collection and statistics. Also, the platform is required to link 3801 social management grid members in the city, covering the entire area of Wuhu City.

By using the platform's extended development mechanism, SuperMap team quickly completed the development and distribution of mobile and platform ends, which can help community grid staffs to collect the information of migrant population. It provides a information tool for epidemic prevention and control in the time of returning to work.

3. One-map- epidemic prevention and control

In order to better understand the epidemic in different stages, the grid platform can conduct many operations, for instance, mark the data of the villagers, the data reported by residents, the data collected by the front-line staffs, the control points of the epidemic, etc. based on the map; display data change trends and prevention and control arrangements from segmented thematic maps, heat maps and other methods. Through the visualization of maps, these data can be displayed in all directions from macro to micro to provide support for epidemic prevention and control.

In this special battle against epidemics, many cities are carrying out epidemic prevention and control actions through grid-based platforms. By relying on information technology and community works, some epidemic prevention and control actions can be carried out, and some positive results can be achieved.

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