Urban Delivery Route Planning Service during Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

26 Apr,2022

The inefficiency of delivery during pandemic lockdown has caused some anti-pandemic supplies to be hard to be quickly delivered to households.

"Dituhui (part of SuperMap) Route Planning" has been innovatively utilized by Shanghai volunteers to Improve Delivery Efficiency during the pandemic lockdown. It has saved 30% on delivery time! We are pleased to play a role in pandemic prevention and control. Dituhui will provide 3-month free route planning services for Shanghai volunteers!

How to solve the “last mile” distribution problem during the pandemic? How does Dituhui assist users in increasing distribution efficiency?

Visual Management of Orders

In the Dituhui outlet management function, users can mark the warehouse location on the map and import daily order data in batches with one click. Dituhui also supports docking with customer business systems and synchronizing order data in real time through the interface. At the same time, users can add attribute information and pictures of orders including the buyers' name, phone number, address, etc., which helps users to know the specific situation at any time.

Location of warehouses and buyers

Order Delivery Route Planning

How to reasonably plan the optimal delivery route in case of unified delivery of multiple orders and multiple addresses? In the function of Dituhui Route Planning, the underlying intelligent route planning algorithm can be invoked, users can restrictions themselves and afterward, plan single/multiple delivery routes for multiple locations. Starting from the distribution warehouse, users can pass through multiple order addresses. The optimal delivery routes will be provided for the delivery personnel. The planning results can also be shared with the APP to facilitate delivery work.


Order Delivery Route Planning (web)

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