The Smart Community Police Platform

12 Sept,2019

With the advent of the era of knowledge economy and network economy, the traditional community police working mode will gradually transform into an information-based and intelligent working mode. It is important to pay attention to the information technology in strengthening and improving social service management, make full use of the superiority of high-tech such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, etc., and promote the overall efficiency of community work management and public services. The smart community police platform realizes big data analysis through the front-end sensory source construction, collects and integrates relevant platform data, and makes the community work more intelligent. Through the analysis of the contents of the coordinated work of the community police and relevant departments, the service management system and the comprehensive evaluation system can be constructed to make the community police work scientific. Then, through the construction of community 3D images,the data mapping can be achieved to visualize the community. Also, through the Internet convenience service system, the public opinion collection, business processing, intelligence gathering, online publicity can be finished.

The real population management

Demographic statistics and display

Fuzzy search of target person

View person details

Link people, real estate and land

Building management

Jurisdictional area statistics and display

Fuzzy search of community

Find target person by real estate for the link of people and real estate

Patrol management

View patrol vehicle information in real time

Video management

Connect to the Skynet platform to view surveillance video in real time

Connect to the Building Guardian platform to view the Building Guardian data in real time

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