The New Model of Integrated Engineering Supervision Management Based on BIM

28 June,2019

The Smart Engineering Supervision Platform utilizes BIM, GIS, Internet of Things, big data, intelligence, mobile communication, ERP and other key technologies to integrate project management, video management, Internet of Things platform, big data platform, labor management and many other subcontracting unit business systems. The platform integrates BIM model data of buildings, spatial data and structured data to build a unified and intelligent construction platform for BIM+ERP, which can realize the refined management of construction projects and the comprehensive monitoring and intelligentization management of the construction site environment, safety, quality and progress.

The Advanced Platform Construction with Key Technologies

The automatic lightweight technology of BIM model based on the whole life cycle of construction engineering

According to the application characteristics of the BIM model in different stages of construction design, construction, operation and maintenance, the BIM model is simplified by the lightwight technologies of triangulation, shell extraction, removal of duplicate points, model merging, sub-object splitting and operation sub-objects. It solves the performance problems of BIM model in storage, display and analysis applications in GIS platform and achieves the integration of the small-scale scenes expression of BIM model and large-scale scenes expression of GIS, as well as the depth of BIM+GIS in data and interface.

The 4D construction information model construction technology

Through the combination of the BIM 3D model of the buildings and construction sites with the project progress, the 4D construction information model can be established. It can be integrated with the construction resources, safety quality and site layout to realize the comprehensive management of construction progress, labour, materials, equipment, cost, safety quality, site layout and 4D visualization of the construction process  based on BIM and network, as well as the 4D visualization of the construction process.

Big Data Technology

With the wide application of BIM technology in construction industry, the data of construction industry management has reached the PB level through the collection and analysis of the business data, behavioral data and environmental data of construction projects. It is urgent to conduct the data collection, storage, calculation, analysis, and visualization by using big data related technologies, such as distributed computing.

4 Subsystems Assist the Fine Management of Construction Projects

The video surveillance

The video surveillance system can acquire and integrate the location and data information of the remote camera, and can retrieve relevant monitoring content in real time according to the call instruction to meet the needs of project monitoring on the construction site.

The environmental monitoring

Through the docking of the narrow band Internet of Things technology and the construction site environmental monitoring sensing equipment, the wind direction, temperature, humidity, noise, PM10 and PM2.5 and other meteorological and environmental monitoring indicators on the construction site can be viewed in real-time. If the monitoring index exceeds the warning level, the system will automatically remind managers to conduct manual interventions. The environmental monitoring subsystem can be used to monitor the dust, noise, temperature and humidity, flammable and toxic and harmful gas at the construction site for green construction.

The progress management

The BIM model component construction progress can be mounted to realize the 3D dynamic simulation of the project progress and construction status. To compare the planned progress with the actual progress, the project conditions can be showed by the BIM components in different colors and materials.


The design management

It can conduct the comprehensively supervision of the design model, design progress and quality,  communicate and coordinate problems through video conferencing, and use BIM model to improve design quality.

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