BIM+GIS Application in Qianzhangchang Railway

27 July,2019

Qianzhangchang Railway starts from Qianjiang District of Chongqing and ends at Changde of Hunan Province. The total length of the railway is 340 kilometers and it works as the national first-class two-lane electrified railway for both passengers and cargos with the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. 

Based on SuperMap GIS software, Qianzhangchang Railway applies BIM, geographic information and 2D+3D technologies to integrate and analyze the current terrain, planning, construction and construction data for the scientific and comprehensive digital services of project management, leadership decision-making, emergency command, operation and maintenance management, etc. Also, the project realizes the seamless connection between BIM and GIS data, which can effectively organize the BIM service modes and construct a multi-source space information organizational management tool. Based on this, a development framework for rapid application development can be formed to enable more effective interconnection and interoperability between digital services/teams and service objects.

Efficient integration of BIM and GIS

BIM is a detailed 3D spatial simulation construction of the entire geographic 3D space and belongs to the microscopic category, while GIS is a simulation of the entire 3D geospatial and belongs to the relative macroscopic category. With the integration of BIM and GIS, the BIM application value and space will be greatly expanded. 

Integration of BIM and GIS

Integration of BIM and GIS

Online Information publishing

After the establishment of BIM information model and the output of the results report, the BIM team publishes the model and the outcome documents on the platform in real time. The owners, designers, construction parties and other participates can obtain and browse the published documents through the platform remotely and can achieve remote multi-party real-time communication and form a report with the platform function of map reviewing. According to the direction of BIM technology applications, the BIM service mode and the platform application mode can be integrated. 

Online Information Publishing

Online Information Publishing

Preliminary implementation of 5D technology

In this project, through the integration of BIM and GIS technologies, the model components of each construction section are associated with the construction schedule in the real 3D space environment. The construction progress simulation of each stage is carried out and the relevant material quantity statistics and extraction at any time are tested repeatedly, which initially achieves the 5D linkage of the expected effects.

Integrated management of digital technologies and services

The breaking of BIM and GIS technologies barriers has made the implementation of many applications become possible. Through GIS platform, the integrated management of BIM digitization technology and service can be realized, such as online query location of all components in 10 landmarks in geodetic coordinate position (project actual position), online construction progress simulation and related material quantity statistics, online drawing reviewing, online component construction plan entry and updating, etc.

Effects Image

Effects Image

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