Bridge Monitoring&Warning System

21 Apr,2022

There are 38 waterways in Guangzhou, with a navigable mileage of 585.55 kilometers. The navigable ships in the surrounding waters of Guangzhou are mainly cargo ships, and sand carriers account for more than three-quarters. Among the bridges maintained by the Guangzhou Road Maintenance Center, there are 18 bridges crossing the waterway. The inspection of general bridges is difficult for this type of bridge inspection. Since these bridges crosse rivers, it is difficult to inspect the structures on the waterway at close range. In addition, the piers on the waterway often have incidents of ships scraping the piers or anti-collision platforms. Since it is difficult to check at a close distance, finding this type of harm through inspection can be very challenging. The bridge is a spatial structure, coupled with the number and variety of monitoring sensors, so an intuitive three-dimensional platform is needed to display the monitoring data and the status of the bridge to facilitate the bridge maintenance personnel and management personnel to grasp the status of the bridge. It is also convenient to quickly query the position information of the corresponding sensors and bridge components and improve the efficiency of bridges' maintenance.

A Bridge Monitoring&Warning System has been developed by RYD Information Technology (RYDIT) based on SuperMap GIS technology. RYDIT is committed to the research, promotion, and sales of industrial Internet and industrial software. Through the Internet of Things technology, this system utilizes advanced equipment such as radar to monitor the health of bridges in real time over a full 24-hour period, monitors navigation of ships, analyzes the monitoring data online, generates emergency processing tasks. Also, it combines BIM and GIS technology in the 3D bridge model to display bridge incidents and gives sound and light alarms to abnormal navigable ships. Since this system has been put into use, it has greatly facilitates the bridge management in Guangzhou. The Bridge Monitoring&Warning System will keep being optimized with its appliations to more scenarios and more cities. 

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