It is a full-featured mobile GIS SDK that supports common data format, 2D&3D application development, online/offline applications and provides the visualization effects for various data.


Data management

  • Supports MVT vector tiles, online and offline maps.
  • Supports local vector/raster format.
  • Browses 3D data: oblique photogrammetry, terrain, BIM, etc.

Data collection

  • Supports drawing and editing.
  • Provides track acquisition with multi-mode.
  • Templating data collection.

Map experience

  • Supports intelligent voice assisted control mode.
  • High-performance visualization with smooth display of GB-level complex scene data.
  • Supports the visualization of aggregate map, heat map, grid map and relationship map.

Video map

  • Supports the classification, detection and statistics of various municipal components, such as well covers, roads, etc.
  • Supports multi-target tracking and monitoring, trajectory extraction and quantity statistics in the video.
  • Supports aggregation statistics of multiple ground objects of the same type in the video.
  • Supports the projection of text, picture, video, map, scene, POI, etc. Based on the targets.
  • Supports high-precision data collection, measurement and navigation.

Thematic map

  • Provides more than 20 visualization methods such as area map, ladder map, rose map, etc.
  • Supports automatic generation of legend.
  • Intelligently extract the image color and transfer the image style to the map according to the image style.
  • Supports finger gesture operation.

Indoor map

  • Improves indoor data collection and mapping.
  • Supports floor switch display and indoor cross floor navigation.
  • Supports indoor visual positioning and indoor POI searching.
  • Improves the 2D&3D integrated navigation.
  • Supports the indoor and outdoor integrated navigation.

Coordination of cloud and terminal

  • Supports access to WMS, WFS, WMTs, SuperMap rest, and other standard online map services.
  • Improves the management of online maps, data, scenarios and services in SuperMap Online or SuperMap iPortal.
  • Supports the distributed analysis service of SuperMap iServer, including overlay analysis, aggregation analysis, etc.
  • Supports visual display of real-time streaming services published by SuperMap iServer.

Spatial analysis

  • Supports buffer analysis, overlay analysis.
  • Supports slope, aspect, surface area / volume and other terrain analysis functions.


  • Supports 3D visualization of multiple data such as oblique photogrammetry, BIM, laser point cloud.
  • Supports HTC VIVE Focus VR all-in-one device terminal.
  • Provides BOX cutting and plane cutting.


It is a full-function mobile GIS APP based on SuperMap iMobile development. It supports finger mapping, templating data collection, data analysis, 3D data display, indoor and outdoor integrated navigation, target recognition and detection, and also supports the expansion of development and can be used to for rapid customization development of industry application system.



  • Supports using fingers to configure the layer style.
  • Supports map merging and clipping.
  • Supports travel trajectory creation and multimedia information collection.

Thematic mapping

  • Supports accessing to multi-source data.
  • Supports more than 20 thematic types such as area map, ladder map, rose map, etc.
  • Supports automatic generation of legend.

Industry collection

  • Provides templating collection and automatic configuration of map layers, styles, data set attribute fields, etc.
  • Supports line breaking, polygon cutting and other operations.
  • Supports satellite positioning, manual and gesture rendering, etc.

3D scene

  • Supports accessing to oblique photogrammetry, BIM, terrain and other multi-source 3D data.
  • Supports the browsing, creation and editing of flight routes.
  • Supports online searching and path analysis.

Data analysis

  • Supports path analysis, connectivity analysis, travel agent analysis and other network analysis.
  • Supports vector analysis such as buffer analysis, overlay analysis, etc.
  • Supports interpolation analysis.

Navigation map

  • Supports trajectory collection.
  • Supports the generation of road network data set with one click.
  • Supports editing the road data.
  • Supports the indoor and outdoor integrated navigation.

Video map

  • Supports target identification, detection and classification.
  • Supports the projection of map, component, attribute, video, POI and other types of information.
  • Supports license plate recognition and vehicle information extraction.
  • Supports house type map collection, distance and area measurement.

Coordination of cloud and terminal

  • Supports the management of online maps, data, scenarios, services in SuperMap Online or SuperMap iPortal.
  • Supports the management of SuperMap Online address book, including friends searching, adding and deleting, new groups creation, groups dissolving.
  • Supports single person, multi person message sending and message background pushing.
  • Supports layer, data and file transfer between friends.
  • Supports real-time data exchange with PC.


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