Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) of mobile GIS

25 July,2018

Usually, we need to input a large number of text information when we use mobile applications. The traditional typing modes are keyboard input and handwriting input. However, the low input speed of those two modes brings a great impact on the work efficiency of GISers. According to the test results, the input speed of keyboard input is less than 40 characters/min. Besides, there are other problems like the obstacle to the Chinese phonetic of the uncommon character, the accent and the dialects.  

SuperMap iMobile provides a new input technology, that is speech recognition. This is a leading technology of multi scene speech recognition in the industry. It can transfer the “sounds” to the “characters”. Thus greatly improves the input efficiency.

SuperMap iMobile brings new experience for mobile GIS. The following parts will introduce its 3 advantages.


SuperMap iMobile integrates the intelligent speech recognition technology and the accuracy of the speech recognition is as high as 98%. With high accuracy, GIS users can get the correct input results nearly without revising the text. Thus greatly improves the input efficiency.

High speed

The input speed of the speech recognition is 180 character/min. This is much faster than the other input modes of the mobile equipment, even faster than the keyboard input. This improves the input efficiency for the long text and brings better effects.

Punctuate sentences intelligently

The speech recognition technology can also match the results to the correct contexts, thus to punctuate sentences intelligently. Usually, we need to switch to the special mode to input numbers or letters, but the speech technology can automatically recognize the characters, numbers and letters without switching modes. This can save a lot of works and time.

The speech recognition technology has played a significant role in attribute input and image retrieval, and effectively reduced the complexity of information input. Besides, this technology can be widely applied in the industries of map navigation, dispatching command, map management and spatial analysis. It will make the information input more conveniently and make the communication more smoothly.

SuperMap mobile GIS platform always dedicates to providing more practical, efficient and stable mobile GIS products and services for partners and users. SuperMap will continue to launch more quality and practical functions in the future.

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