SuperMap iMobile 9D: from data visualization to easy development

25 Jan,2018


SuperMap has launched the GIS platform software - SuperMap GIS 9D at GIS Software Technology Conference 2017 to meet the demand for big data era.

Our team will post a series of articles about SuperMap GIS 9D to help you get a whole picture about its capabilities and achievements in aspects of technology, products, data and application. So, let’s get started!

SuperMap iMobile 9D is the new coming mobile GIS development platform.

Being as the upgrade version of SuperMap GIS 8C, SuperMap iMobile 9D features with better map browsing performance, stronger visualized interactive experience, and wider fields of navigation, and has made improvements in aspects of map display, data collection, path navigation and mobile 3D.

SuperMap iMobile 9D can be widely applied to GIS application development and customization for Android and iOS.

1. GL map tile: smoothy map browsing experience

Fast loading and stable mapping as grid map tile, GL map tile solved the ineligible map display problem caused by the fixed grid tile resolutions, using the vector data as basis to render on the client.

Compared to traditional grid tile, GL map tile has the advantages of smaller data in size, faster slicing speed, better display effect and more suitable for mobile client.

2. Data visualization: rich data display

Big data is reconstructing industrial commercial formats and our life-style overwhelmingly. Data visualization, in a graphic manner, explicitly delivers data information and effectively enhance our data insights of big data with various visualized model, for instance heat map, density map, aggregation map and relation map.

Data visualization can be generated and displayed on mobile client, and supporting connection with server. Making fully use of performance advantages of server, it can also display the analytical results on the server with the ‘generating in the server - displaying on the server’ workflow, which to certain extend, flings off the spatial limitations and enhance the effectiveness.

Moreover, it can present dynamic effects in real time, that is realtime data access, realtime data analysis and realtime results updates, as well as import time attributes, operating with timeline and display the varia-tion between spatial data and time.

3. Indoor navigation: professional navigation engine

SuperMap iMobile has presented traditional navigation and industrial navigation in previous version. In the new release version 9D you can surprisedly notice that we have added 2D & 3D integrated indoor navi-gation engine that basing on 2D & 3D indoor map. That realizes multi-passing points and crossed floors indoor path analysis and navigation.

With aid of indoor locating technique, it can provide solution of “map + location + navigation” and can be applied to shopping malls, airports, train station and conference centre.

indoor 2D navigation

indoor 3D navigation

4. iMobile for ReactNative: easy development

Previously we are used to developing the mobile application in different group that divided according to the different operating system. However in this method the code can’t be shared between the functions.

The whole new ReactNative module solves the problem and saves the costs of development and operation and maintenance, as the code that encoded on ReactNative can run in both Android and iOS. The devel-opment language is JavaScript, easier than Android and iOS.

iMobile for ReactNative maintains the powerful function system of SuperMap iMobile, meanwhile covering GIS functions such as, multi-class map display, multi-mode data collection, spatial analysis, path navigation, moving 3D, situation plotting etc. to meet all the require-ments for GIS mobile development.

5. Retrievable: flexible licensing model

Runtime license is essential when developing mobile GIS application on SuperMap iMobile. In the traditional licensing model, every license code can be used for only once. You have to repurchase if the device is broken or the staff leave the team.

Now SuperMap iMobile 9D created retrievable licensing model, which means the expired or idle license can be retrieved and distributed to new devices to save the purchase cost.

SuperMap iMobile will keep exploring and provide you with more professional, more stable, more efficient and more practical GIS products and service as you expect. 

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