Cloud GIS application server is based on high-performance cross platform GIS kernel. It provides full-featured GIS service publishing, management and aggregation functions, and provides multi-level expansion and development.

It provides powerful web services for geospatial big data, GeoAI and 3D to support massive vector/raster data "slice-free" publishing.

It deeply integrates microservice and docker layout, provides a variety of SDKs to build big data, AI and 3D GIS application systems based on cloud native architecture.


More full-featured, micro and fast cloud native microservices

  • Supports microservice of map, data, distributed analysis, 3D and machine learning.
  • New microservices of streaming data, geological processing and Web printing.
  • New smaller microservice package, including map, analysis and tile package.
  • Supports native compilation technology, with faster startup and recovery.
  • Supports cloud native storage, like OSS, OTS, PolarDB, etc.

Multi-level distributed storage, computing and processing

  • Supports node dynamic accessing, intelligent scaling and automatic synchronization between nodes.
  • Supports MPP distributed relational database, distributed NoSQL database and distributed file system.
  • Supports distributed computing platforms of Spark, Hadoop YARN,etc.
  • Provides distributed geospatial analysis, distributed data processing, streaming data real time processing, etc.

All-round extensible GIS service publishing and aggregation

  • Provides domain geospatial service extension mechanism, including service capability, interface, security, cluster, etc.
  • Supports extension services deploying in iServer process, or independently deploying as microservices.
  • Supports aggregation SuperMap platform services, tripartite services, OGC services and online map services.

Accessing, processing and efficient publishing of geospatial big data

  • Provides distributed analysis service, and supports distributed processing and geospatial analysis of vector and raster data.
  • Provides streaming data service, and supports real time accessing and distributed processing of streaming data with 100 thousands/sec level.
  • New geological processing service, and supports modeling and distributed operation of 2D&3D data processing progress.
  • Supports “slice free” publishing technology of vector and raster data.

3D data publishing, editing and analysis

  • Provides data publishing of 3D point, line, polygon, body, field, as well as oblique photogrammetry model, BIM and point cloud.
  • Provides online editing capability of 3D data to edit attribute and geospatial information.
  • Provides geospatial computing of 3D Intersection, union and difference, and measurement and calculation of volume and surface area.
  • Provides 3D geospatial analysis of sunshine, skyline, visualization, 3D buffer, etc.

GeoAI supports the whole process

  • Provides machine learning services, and supports GeoAI analysis operator of target detection, ground object classification, object extraction, binary classification, decision tree regression,etc.
  • Provides geospatial data science service to make online interactive geospatial data scientific exploration based on Notebook.
  • Provides geospatial data science service for work flow of covering sample production, model training, model evaluation, model reasoning, etc.

New function of blockchain geospatial data publishing and editing

  • Supports blockchain geospatial data published as map services, data services and data history services.
  • Provides dynamic mapping and geospatial query capability.
  • Provides editing and history tracing for multiple users.

New function of Web map printing

  • Supports GeoPDF which is printed as A0/A1 map.
  • Supports secondary editing of geospatial/text information in printing results.
  • Provides extensible layout template for transportation, land, etc.


It is a cloud GIS portal platform for integrating, searching, sharing and managing GIS resources. SuperMap iPortal has advanced technology and capabilities, such as quick website building without code, multi-source heterogeneous services registration, and multi-source service authority control, etc.

SuperMap iPortal provides plentiful Web applications, including thematic mapping, 3D visualization, distributed geospatial analysis, dashboard creation and display.

As the user center, resource center and application center of cloud & terminal integration GIS platform, the cloud portal site of GIS can be quickly built.


MapDashboard WebApp

Geological data visualization dashboard application can display the analysis based on location in the way of intuitive and interactive visualization, which can help decision making, visualization trend analysis, real-time monitoring and spatio-temporal playback analysis.

  • Supports accessing of time series data and time series map, and supports application scenarios of operation and maintenance monitoring, history playback, etc.
  • New multiple components and interaction among multiple components, and supports custom components.
  • Supports independent edit layout for desktop, pad and mobile.
  • New data panel manages multiple data sources.
  • Additional more than 10 kinds of template and 100 color bar.

DataInsights WebApp

Through interactive operation, geospatial data analysis Web application can realize online visualization and analysis of geospatial data, integrate SuperMap iServer distributed analysis and data science service, and support extension to help users dig the value of geospatial data.

  • Supports accessing maps made by DataViz WebApp.
  • Supports extension of chart and geospatial analysis function through custom code.
  • Supports WebMercator, CGCS2000 and WGS 84 coordinate system.

DataViz WebApp

It is a lightweight and high-efficient data visualization application, providing thematic map making, streaming data visualization and map printing, which can realize Web map making and sharing.

  • New map printing capability.
  • Supports accessing of SuperMap iServer to publish vector tile service.
  • Improves label display capability, such as layout, location, font size, etc.

GIS portal building

  • Provides multiple common portal function modules, and supports custom development to quickly build exclusive GIS portal.
  • Supports zero-code customization and newly adds multiple UI components.
  • New full-code customization, and supports rewriting of homepage/log in page.
  • New feedback module and news center module.

GIS resource integration and management

  • Manages multi-source GIS resources through resource center.
  • New Notebook resources which can plug into data science services.
  • New service measurement capability based on key quota.
  • Improves GIS service authority based on fine geospatial scope.



It is a comprehensive GIS operation and maintenance management center which can be used for application service management, infrastructure management, and big data management. It provides cloud native GIS solutions based on Kubernetes to one-click create, manage and maintenance big data, AI and 3D GIS system based on cloud native technology.

It can monitor multiple GIS data storage, computing, service nodes or other Web sites, and monitor the occupancy of hardware resources, map access hotspots, node health and other indicators to achieve integrated operation and maintenance management of GIS system.


Convenient sites building

  • Provides one-click deployment of GIS systems and frequently-used databases.
  • Provides quick building of big data site.
  • Provides UI customization, grouping, and expands third-party industry application site.
  • New function of quick building of blockchain environment.
  • New Helm deployment.

Full featured monitoring capability

  • Provides monitoring of hardware resources occupancy and service resources utilization.
  • New function of statistical report.
  • New function of intelligent alarm.
  • New alarm rule management of general monitoring and database monitoring.

Easy to use GIS microservice management

  • Realizes GIS microservice monitoring and elastic scaling.
  • Realizes GIS microservice error recovery.
  • Built-in and connects GIS computing and storage resources.
  • New adjustment function of service CPU and memory specification.
  • Provides service topology map of GIS site.