Cloud GIS application server based on high- performance cross-platform GIS kernel has the capabilities of 2D and 3D integrated service publishing, management and aggregation functions, and provides multi-level expansion and development.

It provides powerful spatial big data storage, spatial big data analysis and stream data real-time processing and other Web services to support mass data "slice-free" publishing.

It deep integrates microservice and containerization, provides a variety of SDKs such as PC, Web and mobile to quickly build big data, AI and 3D application systems based on cloud native architecture.


Multi-level distributed storage, computing and processing

  • Builds distributed, multi-layer application system.
  • Supports node dynamic joining, intelligent scaling and automatic synchronization between nodes.
  • Docks MPP distributed relational database, distributed NoSQL database, distributed file system.
  • Docks distributed computing platforms of Spark, Hadoop YARN,etc.
  • Provides powerful distributed spatial analysis, distributed data processing and other functions.

All-round scalable GIS service publishing and aggregation capabilities

  • Provides plentiful GIS functions, including maps, data, analysis, 3D, big data and AI.
  • Improves service interface supports, including REST, WebSocket, OGC and other interfaces.
  • Provides a full range of scalability, including service capabilities, interfaces, security and clustering.
  • Unique service aggregation technology, aggregates and distributes tripartite services from multiple sources.

Supports cloud native

  • Supports Microservice Architecture for elastic scaling and exible deployment of GIS services.
  • Supports Docker containerization technology for efficient deployment, highperformance running and low resource occupancy of cloud GIS.
  • Accesses to cloud native storage for easy management and efficient publishing of GIS data.
  • Supports AI, big data and 3D related microservice.
  • Supports Kubernetes-based deployment and management solution.

Microserviced data science services

  • Built-in plentiful Python library, contains hundreds of data science related Python libraries.
  • Provides flexible Python librar y management mechanism for one-click installation and upgrades of Python library.
  • Provides JupyterLab-based online development and operating environment.
  • Provides data analysis, data statistics analysis, machine learning and other processing analysis capabilities.
  • Provides Docker Mirroring, combines with Kubernetes technology, one-click deployment of data science services.

Provides new machine learning service

  • Provides multiple classification/regression related machine learning service capabilities.
  • Provides in-depth learning service capabilities of binary classification, target detection, etc.


It is a GIS portal platform for integrating, searching, sharing and managing GIS resources. SuperMap iPortal has advanced technology and capabilities, such as zero code visualization customization, multi-source heterogeneous services registration, and system monitoring dashboards.

SuperMap iPortal provides a wealth of Web applications, with thematic mapping, 3D visualization, distributed spatial analysis, large screen display and template application creation operations.

As the user center, resource center and application center of cloud & terminal integration GIS platform, the cloud portal site of GIS can be quickly constructed.


Customized UI

  • Adopts responsive UI layout, adapts to multiple browsers on the PC and mobile.
  • Provides theme style settings and one click theme switching.
  • Improves por tal customization, zero code customization.

Multi-dimensional access controlling

  • Provides unique service proxy mechanism to control service access.
  • Provides space-based GIS service authorization and refined permission.
  • Optimizes portal rights management to assign permissions according to individual functions.

DataViz WebApp

  • Provides visualization of streaming data for freedevelopment.
  • Provides the production of migration maps and graduated symbol maps.
  • Built-in more than 300 dot symbols to make mapping easier.

MapDashboard WebApp

  • Quickly creates 2D and 3D map applications with new component design.
  • Adapts to multi-size boards and supports mobile browsers.
  • Provides map components such as graduated symbol maps and data flow maps.
  • Provides components of waterbubble, progress bar, chart, video,etc.
  • Provides exporting function to deploy Dashboard applications online or offline.

DataInsights WebApp

  • Provides chart types of relationship charts, heat charts, etc.
  • Provides distributed analysis tools of buffers, regional grid construction, etc.
  • Docks Python development environment to write and operate Python code online.

Earth WebApp

  • Provides particle system.
  • Expands the symbol material in the online editing module.



It is a comprehensive GIS operation and maintenance management center which can be used for application service management, infrastructure management, and big data management. It provides a container-based Docker/Kubernetes solution to one-click create big data, AI and 3D GIS system based on cloud native technology.

It can monitor multiple GIS data nodes, GIS service nodes or other Websites, monitor the occupancy of hardware resources, map access hotspots, node health and other indicators to achieve integrated operation and maintenance management of GIS system.

It can manage and operate GIS cloud-native system, and achieve dynamic scalability and flexible deployment.


Easy to use GIS microservice management

  • Built-in and connects GIS computing and storage resources.
  • Realizes GIS microservice monitoring and elastic scaling.
  • Improves GIS microservice failure recovery.
  • Improves the monitoring components in the WebUI and overview pages.

Convenient sites building

  • Realizes one-click deployment of conventional GIS systems and multiple databases.
  • Improves UI customization, grouping, and expanding third-party industry application sites.

Plentiful monitoring index

  • Supports visitors analysis.
  • Supports log collecting.
  • Improves the functions and effects of overview map, topology map.

High availability technology architecture

  • Built-in load balancing.
  • Built-in single point failure solution mechanism.