The big data GIS system includes the storage and management of geospatial big data, geospatial analysis, streaming data processing and visualization technology, dedicates to provide a comprehensive support for big data GIS infrastructure software and services, and to make more users easily manage geospatial big data "gold mine".


Provides geospatial big data storage engines
  • Provides HBase and HDFS engines for large scale raster data.
  • Provides Elasticsearch engines for streaming data.
  • Supports customized extensible geospatial big data storage engine.

Strengthens analysis capability of geospatial big data
  • Kernel level extended Spark geospatial data model.
  • Supports 6 categories covering 60 kinds of geospatial big data analysis operator.
  • Newly supports big data analysis operator of gradient boosting tree classification and regression.
  • Supports more than 100 kinds of distributed geographic processing modeling tool for geospatial big data.
  • Supports interactive use of geographic processing modeling tools of servers and desktop.

Provides plentiful and cool visualization of geospatial big data