The “One Map”Platform of Agricultural Big Data

08 Aug,2019

The “One Map” platform of agricultural big data collects, organizes, processes and analyzes agricultural business data, agricultural basic geographic information data, etc.. By taking the GIS technology as the core and the land identification data as the base map, the platform integrates modern information technologies such as the comprehensive applications of geographic information, network communication and computer software to manage the agricultural information resources.

The construction of agricultural spatial data resource library

Based on the provincial information resources, the agricultural geographic information platform needs to fully consider the multi-source data integration, in order to integrate the data into the GIS platform for unified spatial processing, distribution and display, and collaborative sharing.

The construction of agricultural geographic information platform

The platform utilizes the mature GIS technology and cloud computing technology to further enhance the management and maintenance capabilities of map services. It also provides geographic information collection services, spatial data management services, basic geographic information services, high-definition image map services, agricultural thematic data services, and agricultural big data services, as well as the demonstration functions of agricultural business applications.

(1) The basic geographic information services. It is provided by the GIS platform, including online thematic map services, data query services, spatial analysis services, data maintenance services, etc.

(2) The agricultural big data support services. The provincial resource integration is the collection of provincial massive information resources. The geographic information platform needs to support the spatial transformation of multi-source and massive data, the visual display of massive data and the spatial mining of multi-source data, so as to support the spatial application services of massive data resources.

(3) The platform management operation and maintenance services. It mainly responsible for the management works of core service resources in the service platform, user rights, and system operation and maintenance. Through the platform management module, it is more convenient to manage the operation status of the service platform to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.

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