Cloud native GIS includes cloud GIS, terminal GIS and cloud & terminal collaboration technology. Cloud GIS fully supports micro-service architecture, containerization technology, Cloud Native architecture, relying on SuperMap iServer, which is a high-performance cross- platform, on SuperMap iPortal, which can efficiently integrate and share services and on SuperMap iManager, which can do the intelligent operation and maintenance management to achieve an intensive GIS cloud platform.

Terminal GIS includes PC client, web client and mobile client. PC client includes object GIS and desktop GIS. Web client includes plug-in and non plug-in. Mobile client includes rich client and thin client.

Cloud & terminal collaboration technology provides a unified service interface, through the cross-organizational online collaboration of SuperMap iPortal, the service aggregation of SuperMap iServer and the edge computing of SuperMap iEdge, to bring out the multi-terminal interconnection, collaborative sharing of GIS application model.


Support Cloud Native

  • Support Microservice to achieve GIS services with elastic scalability and flexible deployment.
  • Support Docker containerization technology to achieve efficient deployment of cloud GIS, high performance operation and low resource occupancy.
  • Support Kubernetes container layout technology to achieve dynamic scheduling and automatic layout of resources.

Support Cloud & Terminal Collaboration and Integration

  • Support online collaboration technology to achieve cloud interconnection and collaborative sharing.
  • Support Geo-CDN, and provide efficient accessing experience
  • Support service aggregation technology to achieve multi-source data integration access.

Support New Edge Computing

Support SDK & APP