SuperMap Cloud Platform Makes Easy Data Insights

11 Feb,2018

SCQA Makes Data Insights Have Rules to Follow

Internet makes getting information easier and easier, however, it brings less independent thinking. Data itself is the quantification of facts, data insight is with the help of data analysis. Data insight is for opportunity rather than action. With SCQA model, we can have better understanding of data insights.

When facing data, people are used to looking for conclusions. With SCQA, we realize raising a question is even more important. When the problem rises, answer always hides behind SCQ, after deep analyzing, we can find the core of complication and true solution.

SuperMap Makes Spatial Data Insights More Flexible

SuperMap iDataInsights is web application program in SuperMap GIS 9D, which focus on spatial data insights, designing for helping users have better understandings about Situation (S), Complication (C) and Question (Q), decreasing the barriers of spatial data analysis. SuperMap iDataInsights is comprised of 3 modules: Data Integration, Data Visualization and Spatial Analysis. Data Integration supports SuperMap Cloud Platform data and service accessing, it also supports uploading Excel, CSV and GeoJSON as data sources. Data Visualization provides easy-to-use visualization tools based on spatial data. Spatial analysis is the core of GIS, data insights provide professional spatial analysis tools, making spatial data into different forms. Data insights also simplified the traditional spatial analysis workflow, making parameter configuration, process analysis, results visualization and results saving completed in one page of browser. Shown as below:

Who do we recommend data insight to? A. users with spatial data visualization, which can be used for quick map and chart creating, displaying spatial data distribution and pattern. B. Professional GIS users, making visualization and spatial analysis on specific spatial problem. Given the fact that BI products have weak geographic analysis, we recommend BI users apply to enhance the insights capability on geographic dimension.

SQCA Practice of SuperMap iDataInsights

How to find spatial data situation (S) using SuperMap iDataInsights?

Shown as below, loading earthquake with over 6 magnitude of the Chinese history into SuperMap iDataInsights (statistics since 780 B.C.). Thematic map allows us vividly seeing the location, magnitude, province and depth.

How to find complication (C) using SuperMap iDataInsights? 

Shown as below, creating charts in data insights application, we find that most earthquake occurred in Taiwan Province, however, the largest number of affected people is not in this area, but in Shaanxi Province with only 4 earthquakes with over 6 degree magnitude.

Why most earthquakes occurred in Taiwan Province (Q)? 

Earthquake experts believe that earth plate and crustal movement are the cause for earthquake, the connected plates are the areas that are easy to have earthquakes. We find Taiwan Province lay at the interconnected location of 4 plates, therefore, there are high possibility to have earthquake.

Relevance between plate and earthquake only happen in Taiwan Province? Or is it a global scenario (Q)? 

We loaded the earthquake which are over 7 magnitude data, we found that the connected areas of plated have high frequency earthquake, which is a positive correlation.

Why there is the largest number of affected people in Shaanxi Province (Q)? 

We found the materials and drew the conclusion that on 23rd, January, 1556 is the reason for the number of affected people, the earthquake is one of the most severe earthquakes in China, which caused extremely huge loss in human lives and properties.

Is there is time pattern for earthquake (Q)? 

We have analyzed the time for earthquake and concluded that they are positive correlation. Data shown that the possibility of earthquake happening between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. is 22.4% while in other time the possibility is only 10%-12%.

Why the possibility for earthquake occurring at night is higher? 

The scientific research finds that the moon has greater influence of crustal tide on earth at night. Despite earthquake is an internal movement in earth, but tide will make earth release its energy in very short time.

SuperMap Cloud Platform Makes Easy Data Insights

Data insights application is an embedded application in SuperMap Online and SuperMap iPortal, you can use it once opening browser. Wanna know more about insights? Open SuperMap Online, enter ‘insights’ module through the navigation panel or use SuperMap iPortal in private cloud environment, letting SCQA become your work guide and letting SuperMap iDataInsights become your spatial data insight assistant.

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