The Secrets of GIS Cloud & Client Integration

09 Jan,2018


SuperMap has launched the GIS platform software - SuperMap GIS 9D at GIS Software Technology Conference 2017 to meet the demand for big data era.

Our team will post a series of articles about SuperMap GIS 9D to help you get a whole picture about its capabilities and achievements in aspects of technology, products, data and application. So, lets’s get started!

In this chapter we will explore the secrets of SuperMap GIS 9D, and it will only take you few minutes to know SuperMap GIS 9D well. What you can expect from SuperMap GIS 9D are as below:

More practical GIS clients in big data visualization, analysis and insight;

You can set up various cloud integrated portal sites with more com-prehensive GIS portal system.

The new SuperMap iManager has made integrated GIS operation & maintenance, monitoring and management possible.

You can reach whole new high-efficiency distributed analytic service with big data server - SuperMap iServer to help you rapidly obtain data value.

1. SuperMap iDataInsights, Data Visualization & Online Analysis

The new added browser-side SuperMap iDataInsights are designed to provide you with multi-source spatial data input, dynamic visualization, interactive diagram analysis and spatial analysis.

Accessible via SuperMap iPortal or SuperMap Online, iDataInsights can help you to acquire Geo-info values. 

SuperMap iDataInsights product interface

2. SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL with NO Plug-in

Plug-in free SuperMap Cloud GIS platform that based on WebGL plug-in free client-side technology, aims to bring more actual and convenient 3D experience.

plug-in free browsing 3D scene

3. SuperMap iClient, Whole New Upgraded App

The upgraded SuperMap iClient 9D is the unit client for SuperMap Cloud GIS platform, which supports both open-source map framework (Leaflet, OpenLayers, and MapBoxGL ) and diagram flame (Echarts and MapV) for the use of quick building network rich client and light-weight mobile-side GIS application.

SuperMap iClient visualized effects

4. SuperMap iMobile, Enhanced Visualization Interactive Experience

With SuperMap iMobile 9D, you will find that we have made great im-provements in the map browsing performance and visualization interac-tive experience.

Also you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you notice that we have added some new functions: GL map tile, data visualization, indoor 3D naviga-tion, iMobile for ReactNative development module and recovery li-censes, with which you can rapidly develop GIS application both online and off-line.

Grid Heat Map

5. SuperMap iDesktop Cloud Sharing

With SuperMap iDesktop 9D you can:

Ready access Web map (MapWorld and ChinaRS) and online map (SuperMap iPortal and SuperMap Online).

Upload data of map, color scheme, symbol and workspace to iPortal and Online.

Access interactive operation of iPortal and Online, which means you can browse, download and manage the data source in iPortal and Online on your iDesktop.

Cloud Sharing

6. SuperMap iPortal/Online, More Comprehensive GIS Portal System

You can always ask for help from SuperMap GIS when you’re trying to build cloud & client integrated portal sites.

We provide customized Cloud GIS portal sever - SuperMap iPortal for the unit client who try to build private and public GIS Cloud portal sites.

We also provide online GIS data, GIS platform and application hosting service (for rent) to cloud GIS clients via online GIS platform-SuperMap Online.

Online Mapping

7. SuperMap iManager, Integrated Operation and Maintenance

SuperMap iManager is the overall GIS operation & maintenance man-agement hub, which applies to application service management, infra-structure management and big data management.

Based on Docker solutions, iManger features with SuperMap GIS big data sites one-click building, quick deployment and spatial big data experience service.

iManager realizes GIS integrated operation & maintenance manage-ment by monitoring multiple GIS data nodes, GIS service nodes and random Web site types, as well as monitoring index of hardware re-sources occupation, map query hotspots and node health status.

SuperMap iManager integrated monitoring

8. Big Data Publication and Visualization of All Product Line

All product line of SuperMap GIS 9D Cloud has been published and become visualized in regards to spatial big data.

SuperMap iServer’s data directory service brings you multi-data inte-grated storage and management and high-efficiency distributed service.

This enables you to work out data values rapidly, moreover, the spatial analytic results and real-time data can be presented on SuperMap iClient.

Distributed spatial analysis visualized effect

SuperMap GIS 9D Cloud & Client Integration products, with its powerful cloud GIS platform software and versatile GIS application clients, are your best choice for building efficient and stable cloud GIS system.

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