The BIM-based Wisdom Park

02 Aug,2019

Through GIS and virtual simulation technology, buildings, vegetation, municipal facilities, enterprise facilities, pipelines, electronic machines and machines facilities can be built in 3D model to truly restore the overall environment of the park. Also, relaying on the 3D scenes and taking the 3D smart park platform as the core player, the park intelligent management can be realized by integrating muti-terminal subsystems and combining Internet of Things.

The park overview

The 3D display provides common functions including roaming browsing and map query. Through these simple operations, users can intuitively understand all the situations of enterprise, leisure places and merchants in the park.

The equipment and facility monitoring

Through the accessing of external information, it can display the equipment implementation status, real-time data, attribute information, etc. Through the accessing of video signal, it can fully monitor the internal conditions of the building.

The energy consumption and data analysis

Through the accessing of external information, it is possible to analyze and calculate data, produce data charts, and provide analysis reports to indicate which areas are not using electricity properly, and which areas are abnormal in temperature and humidity. Also, it can remotely control lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and other systems.

The display of space and structure

Through floors, rooms, systems or resources query, the 3D display and attribute information query of the building's overall structure and pipeline system can be realized.

The concealed works and integrated pipelines

The system can view the deployment of various systems. For instance, the perspective browsing of sewage, air conditioning, water, fire protection systems. It can support the maintenance and understand the relationship among various structures in the building.

The big data of the park

By combining the BIM model, the analysis of the economic contribution of each professional park is mainly based on the value and proportion of industrial output value, total income, paid taxes, total import and expore, total profit and other indicators in different professional parks. 

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