SuperMap Became Famous on 2005 Global Chinese Geographer Conference

18 Aug,2005 China

At 6 PM August 17th, the 2005 Global Chinese Geographer Conference was consummation and has been closed in Beijing Yingjie communication center.  The topic of this conference is The Relationship of Geography and China Development which was held by China Geographic Institute, Peking University and Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, undertook by Environment Institute of Peking University, Geographic Research Center of Peking University. SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. attended this conference as one of the assistant cooperation units.

There are more than 1000 geographers from whole China attended this conference. They made a comprehensive science communication on the relevant aspects of geography especially on the new research and develop of international geography, and discuss the problems of corresponding development between geography and China economic. The idea of independence innovation got a higher response for the whole Chinese geographers in the conference. As geography is playing an important role more and more in the respects such as China`s social economic sustainable development, structuring the harmonious society, etc., this conference has shown the important research results that our country holds the international front, meeting the national strategic demand in every main field of geography in recent years in an all-round way.

The conference specially set up a show area for relevant geographic teaching material books. In this area, Super Map became the focus of the exhibition which is developed by SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. and People’s Educational Electronics & Audiovisual Press. Super Map can be rated as the first GIS software for geographical teaching of middle school in our country. It is a powerful tool for improving the education level in geographical teaching of middle school.  After the excellent report took by Dr. Kanghong Wang, the vice-president of SuperMap, several teachers from different places even oversea extempore bought this software.


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