China GIS Conference 2005 And SuperMap Products Launch

09 Sep,2005 China

With the rapidly growing of industrial and biz environment of China, the GIS technologies on capturing, process, managing and analysis of spatial information are widely deployed and developed. Recently, GIS is not only merging into the main stream of IT and also being the HOT SPOT. Chinese Academy of Science had introduced and explored the frontier of GIS on two decades ago. A range of Chinese GIS products have been successfully commercialized from the efforts on research and innovation of the industry; and have being awarded by the International GIS market. SuperMap is one of the most outstanding representatives. It is realized the promotion of Chinese GIS industry from the level of importing and using, to the level of research, innovation and production. New Era of Chinese GIS Industry has come.

You are invited to share our experiences, research result, and innovative technology in China GIS Conference 2005 and SuperMap Products Launch, which will be hosted on September 15-16 in Xi Jiao Hotel, Beijing, PRC. It also offers you an environment for developing the business; and strengthening industrial knowledge and application of technology of GIS.

Government Bureau, Research Unit, Association, leading enterprise of the industry, professional of GIS will present the relevant government policy and regulation, advance research result, industrial and market environment, and successful business cases and solutions.

SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc., as the host and the commercial arm of Chinese Academy of Sciences, will present the latest SuperMap technology with launching a upgrade products of SuperMap GIS – SuperMap GIS 5.1 families; and Spatial Warehouses Technology – SuperMap D series; and the products with next generation GIS – the SuperMap Universal GIS, which include SuperMap products included SuperMap Object .NET 1.0, SuperMap Object Java 1.0, SuperMap IS Java 1.0.


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