Mr. Michael Polin, the Director of GHD Group in Australia, Visits SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc.

08 Sep,2005 China

Mr. Michael Polin, the director of GHD group consulting in Australia, visited the headquarters of SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. accompanied with Dr. Jinzhang Zou, the president of GHD group in China on 29th August, 2005. Dr. Zhong Ershun, the president of SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc., Dr. Guanfu Song, the vice-president of SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. and other staffs held a warm and friendly reception for the guests.

With a friendly atmosphere, GHD group and SuperMap made a common opinion after fully communication. GHD is a ripe transnational consulting company in Australia which devoted to offering the leading service of balanced sustainable development for customers in management, project, environment, planning, designing, etc. and its markets wildly cover in water, traffic, energy, mining, industry, information technology, environment, facilities, etc. GHD thought that as a leading company in geographic information system software platform, SuperMap has adept technique in new generation GIS software. Combine the advantages in technology, trade and marketing both in GHD group and SuperMap, the two companies will hold a splendid future to open oversea market.

GHD and SuperMap expressed that will enhance cooperation and communication to provide excellent GIS solution for different fields. SuperMap will offer GHD group a full English version to help the staffs in GHD group grasp and using SuperMap to develop, and GHD group will finish the technique estimation for SuperMap products.

Mr. Michael Polin invited Dr. Zhong Ershun to visit GHD. Dr. Zhong Ershun expressed to welcome Mr. Michael Polin and other GHD leaders to visit SuperMap again.


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