The President of France CGX Company visited Beijing SuperMap

12 Dec,2001 China

With the help from Chinese Embassy in France, the president and the other four people from France CGX Company visited Beijing SuperMap Company on Dec. 12 2001.

CGX Company is a professional GIS application system developing company in France, and it is engaged in developing GIS application system and aviation control information system in public security area, such as fire protection, and medical treatment first aid, etc. At the same time, it has very good business background in remote sense application, network image technology, GPS aviation & supervision, and GPS field survey mapping, etc. Currently, CGX is executing the project of “Chongqing Fire Fighting Information System” in China, and it hopes with the help of GIS project between Chinese & France government to develop Chinese market.

Two sides actively discussed the co-operation possibility of GIS project, and reached an agreement that CGCX Company uses SuperMap GIS as the GIS application system developing platform.

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