QuickBird-2 High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Image Introduction i.e. Application & Demand Seminar

12 Dec,2002 China

On April 12 of 2002, DigitalGlobe in U.S.A. and Hitachi Software in Japan organized the conference of " Quickbird-2 High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Image introduction i.e. Application & Demand Seminar” in Beijing SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. The leaders and experts from State Plan Committee, Construction Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, State Forest Bureau, State Environment Protection Bureau, National Defense System, Forest Science Research Institute, Geographic Science Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Remote Sensing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences participated the seminar.

In this seminar, John E. Lee, the director of Worldwide Product Distribution of DigitalGlobe in U.S.A. firstly introduced DigitalGlobe, and then the technical parameters and running condition of QuickBird-2; after that Takatoshi Kodaira, both as the general manager of Geospatial Information Division and the manager of Satellite Image Department from Hitachi Software in Japan introduced imaging products, its sales, and service plan.

It is reported that the commercial remote sensing satellite QuickBird-2 with the highest resolution was launched successfully on Oct. 18 of 2001. After being adjusted and tested, now it is put into use to provide imagery and geospatial data. As of the first quarter of 2002, DigitalGlobe now provides a new source of highest-resolution imagery with 61-centimeter panchromatic (black and white) and 2.44-meter multispectral (blue, green, red, near-infrared) QuickBird satellite.

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