SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. Attracts More Attention in Dalian International Software Trade Conference

31 July,2002 China

SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. took part in 2002 China International Software Trade Conference sponsored by Liaoning Province People’s Government, Dalian People’s Government, Liaoning Information Industry Office, and Dalian Information Industry Bureau from July 25 to 27. Oversea assistant sponsors include Japan International Trade Promotion Association, Korean Trade Investment Community, and Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau. This exhibit is the largest software trade conference so far in China northeastern region. It attracts numerous domestic software developers, and its influence is expanded inside and outside oversea.

SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. as the domestic GIS software superexcellent representative is also invited to participate this conference. SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. exhibits SuperMap family’s software products, and receive a number of positive remarks in this conference. “Software—Data—Model--Network” four in one GIS new concept----geographic information services proposed by SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. obtains conformable approval from participants. SuperMap GIS serial software’s powerful function, much advanced spatial database engine, and multi-resources data integration technology attracts abroad expert’s interests from some nations such as Japan and Korean. Multi-technologies are exchanged and discussed detailedly during the conference, which establishes the basis for SuperMap software to enter international markets in future.

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