SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. Attends Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System Conference of Jiangsu Province

09 Oct,2002 China

In Sep. 29, SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. as a domestic geographic information system software provider was invited to attend The Fourth Ordinary Council of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System of Jiangsu Province. The supervisor of Software Market of SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc., Dr. Wang Kanghong, delivered a technical lecture entitled “SuperMap Software Technology and QuickBird Image Introduction”.

Jiangsu province owns a lot of first class universities and research institutes, gathers a great deal of talents, and has pretty strong influence on domestic and international in remote sensing and geographic information system field. Jiangsu Province Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System Academy is the important organization in Jiangsu province remote sensing & geographic information system industry, and its members involve experts who are engaged in geographic information system researches and applications from universities, research institutes, and government agencies. SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. has good relationship with Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System Academy of Jiangsu Province always.

By the report of Dr. Wang Kanghong, experts know the latest development of SuperMap software technology better, and understand the large scale COM geographic information system development platform--SuperMap III, embedded geographic information system software development platform eSuperMap, and Web GIS software SupaerMap IS further. People all believe that SuperMap geographic information system software has unusual and complete structure, and it has great significant meaning for governments, enterprises, and popularized geographic information system establishment.

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