SuperMap Reaches Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Dassault Systemes

04 June,2019 China

On 4th June, the 3D Experience Forum of Dassault Systemes was held at China World Hotel Beijing. During the Forum, Mr. Song Guanfu, CEO of SuperMap and Mr.Bernard, CEO of Dassault Systemes signed the global strategic cooperation agreement. Ms.Du Qinge, CGO of SuperMap and Mr.Sylvain, Managing Director of Dassault Systemes Asia-Pacific Region attended the signing ceremony.

Mr. Song Guanfu, CEO of SuperMap (Thrid from right), Mr.Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault Systemes (Fourth from right), Ms.Du Qinge, CGO of SuperMap (Fourth from left), Mr.Sylvain Laurent, Managing Director of Dassault Systemes Asia-Pacific Region (Third from left), Mr. Simon Huffeteau, Vice President of Construction, City&Territory Industry of Dassault Systemes (Second from left), Mr. Bai Yangjian, Vice President of SuperMap ( First from left), Ms, Florence Verznlen, Executive Vice President of Industry Solutions, Field Marketing, Global Affairs of Dassault Systemes (Second from right), Mr. Zhang Ying, Managing Director of Dassault Systemes Greater China (First from right)

On the Signing Ceremony, Mr.Bernard, CEO of Dassault Systemes said “We defined it’s a very deep cooperation. SuperMap GIS and 3D Experience are exchanging data to create a comprehensive 3D digital environment for cities and constrictions on territory. So I think we are going to provide something far better than any current solutions on the market.”

Also, Mr. Song Guanfu, CEO of SuperMap said “SuperMap has been looking for the 3D experience platform with micro-designing around the world, and we found Dassault Systemes. Our cooperation with Dassault Systemes comes at 3 aspects. The first aspect is technical level, our two platforms can be integrated to exchange data. The second is the branding, we will integrate our resources to form one branding to have strong communication with the market. And the last is marketing.”

In addition, Mr. Song Guanfu gave a report on Forum with the theme of “Mapping Your CIM Blueprint with BIM and GIS”. The contents of SuperMap Cloud-edge-client GIS product architecture and New Gerneration of 3D GIS Technology were introduced to audiences as well as the cases of Xiong'an New District, Chengdu Second Ring Road Management Information System, and Yalong River Digital Platform.
In the future, SuperMap and Dassault Systemes will continue to integrate advanced technologies and advantages of each company to participate into projects of construction, urban and regional development in global market and set new standards for geographic modeling and simulation works in these areas.

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