A Letter for You: Welcome to the 2021 GIS Software Technology Conference

15 Jul,2021

How does GIS drive the transformation of production, life and governance and speed up the construction of digital economy so as to build the foundation for our future? GIS and cutting-edge IT technologies are experiencing an integration and the border of the value of geo-intelligence keeps expanding. How do we make the best use of the multi-dimensional technologies including Big Data GIS, Cloud Native GIS, AI GIS and Cross-platform GIS, especially 3D GIS which completely achieves the all-round upgrading from 2D to 3D, and fully tap the multi-scenario data values in diversified forms and frameworks so as to build the spatial data base for the information construction of various industries and areas,and build multi-dimensional foundation for the future?

GIS Software Technology Conference 2021 (referred to as “GTC 2021”), with the theme of Geo-intelligence, Building Multi-dimensional Foundation, will be held in China National Convention Center from September 15th to 17th, 2021. This year, China Association for Science and Technology newly joins as the guidance department, and China Land Science Society as well as Urban Planning Society of China are newly added as organizers. The conference will focus on the integration and innovation of GIS technologies and Big Data, BIM, CIM, AI and blockchain and other technologies, share the latest developments in GIS software, and exchange the best practices in GIS applications. This conference will also provide GIS technologies experience, industrial manufactures exhibition and plentiful theme activities.

We Sincerely Invite You to GTC

GIS Software Technology Conference, referred to as GTC, takes up the mission of “sharing the latest developments in GIS software, and exchanging the best practices in GIS applications” and adopts the vision of “building the largest and most influential GIS software technologies conference in the world”. GTC has been annually held since 2017. It is currently considered to be the largest event  in the field of GIS software technology in China and the second largest globally.

GTC has been widely concerned and recognized by the industry. Every year, more than 5,000 representatives from domestic and foreign government informatization authorities, IT giants, upstream and downstream manufacturers of the industrial chain, scientific research institutions and other cross-domain experts joined the conference. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, over 200 experts of geographic information from more than 50 countries attended the conference. In 2020, during the pandemic, webinars (in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese) attracted more than 24 thousand guests from 112 countries globally.

Conference Information

Guidance Department

China Association for Science and Technology


China Association for Geographic Information System

Chinese Society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography

The Geographical Society of China

International Federation of Surveyors

China Land Science Society

Urban Planning Society of China

China Software Industry Association

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research

SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.


Technology Innovation Center for Geographic Information System of Ministry of Natural Resources


From 15th to 17th Sept, 2021


China National Convention Center

Contact US

zhangyuanyuan@supermap.com (Events)

dingaxue@supermap.com (Media)


About GTC 2020

GTC 2020 was the first offline conference with more than one thousand attendants that was held in Beijing after the mitigation of COVID-19 pandemic. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Staiger, President of FIG, delivered the opening speech at the conference. GTC 2020 was held both online and offline and attracted more than 24 thousand guests from 112 countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.


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