AI GIS is the integration of AI and GIS. It includes the following features:
1) Combines GeoAI and relevant process tools.
2) Management, visualization and analysis of GeoAI results based on GIS.
3) Promotion and optimization of UI experience, operation and maintenance efficiency and other GIS software functions based on AI.


Enhances the capability of AI(artificial intelligence) GIS for the whole package of products
  • Server: improves machine learning and data science services, newly adds Notebook resources and intelligent alarm function.
  • Desktop: new sample management tool improves the functions of image classification, video target detection, etc.
  • Component: various of new geospatial machine learning and geospatial deep learning functions and new deep learning models.
  • Mobile: Improves AI attribute acquisition, AI mapping and other functions.

Improves AI GIS work-flow tools
  • New work flow tools, including sample management, model transformation, model evaluation, etc.
  • New post-processing tools for image analysis reasoning results, including major filter, nibbling, shrinking, expansion, boundary cleaning, regional grouping, thinning, etc.

New function of geospatial machine learning
  • Classification analysis: map matching, logistic regression, gradient boosting classification, decision tree classification, Naive Bayes classification and supports vector machine classification.
  • Regression analysis: geosimulation, linear regression and decision tree regression.

New function of geospatial deep learning
  • Image analysis: object extraction.
  • Spatio-temporal analysis: graph spatio-temporal regression.

New deep learning model
  • Image analysis binary classification: FPN, DeepLab V3+, D-LinkNet.
  • Image analysis ground-object classification: FPN, DeepLab V3+.
  • Image target detection: YOLO V3.

New function of AR visualization based on AI analysis
  • New AR visualization supports model data, raster data, terrain data, image data, video data, web data, etc.
  • Supports multiple weather effects.
  • Supports geo-fencing, speed limit analysis and video splitting.

Strengthens AI attribute collection capability
  • Supports target recognition, 3D recognition, batch violation recognition, road detection and meter recognition.

Strengthens AI mapping capability
  • Supports distance, area and height measurement.
  • Supports 3D point cloud collection, indoor and outdoor mapping.