AI GIS includes the following features:
1) Combines GeoAI and relevant process tools.
2) Management, visualization and analysis of GeoAI results based on GIS.
3) Promotion and optimization of UI experience, operation and maintenance efficiency and other GIS software functions based on AI.


Provides AI GIS functions covering a full range of products
  • Component:SuperMap iObjects Python
  • Desktop:Machine learning toolbox
  • Server:Machine learning services, data science services
  • Mobile:Video dynamic target detection and tracking

AI GIS work-flow tool supports sample production, model training, and application reasoning

Provides plentiful spatial statistical operator
  • The overall spatial characteristics analysis of spatial autocorrelation and spatial heterogeneity, etc.
  • The spatial interpolation methods of Kernel Density, Inverse Distance Weight, Kriging, etc.
  • The spatial pattern exploration of spatial point pattern, spatial hot spot, etc.
  • The spatial regression algorithm of least squares regression, geographic weighted regression, etc.

Provides distributed spatial machine learning operator
  • The distributed spatial density clustering.
  • The distributed generalized linear regression.
  • The distributed forest-based classification and regression.

Provides plentiful spatial deep learning operator
  • Image data scene classification and target detection.
  • Video data target detection and target tracking.
  • Image data analysis, including functions of binary classification, target detection, scene classification, terrain classification, etc.
  • Building ground surface extraction of oblique photogrammetry model data.