It is based on 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, further develops the computing and analysis capabilities of geospatial data model, combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, 3D field and other multi-sourced heterogeneous data, and sets an open "Geospatial 3D Model Data Format" (S3M) standard and "Geopatial 3D model data service interface" standard to support GIS standard system. Based on distributed technology, the efficient whole-process management of real-time 3D data such as oblique photogrammetry model and point cloud can be realized. It integrates IT technologies of WebGL, VR, AR, AI, 3D printing and etc. to bring a more realistic and convenient 3D experience, promote 3D GIS to achieve outdoor and indoor integration, macro and micro integration, and aerospace/surface/underground integration, and empower the application of full space new 3D GIS.


Improves 3D GIS standard system
  • New "Geopatial 3D model data service interface" standard.

New GIS game engine development platform
  • Supports loading, displaying, query and analysis of 3D geospatial data in game engine based on S3M data standard.
  • Extends the capability of game engine, supports 3D virtual earth, local/online terrain, image, oblique photogrammetry model, point cloud, BIM model and manual modeling data.

New 3D effects, including ocean, volume cloud, sky

Newly supports the identification between 3D geospatial query and 3D geospatial relationship based on GPU

New function of geological body real-time analysis
  • Supports real-time sectioning analysis.
  • Supports polygon clipping.
  • Supports cylinder and polygon excavation of geological body.
  • Supports the construction of virtual drilling.
  • Supports exaggeration and explosion expressions of geological model.

Strengthens 3D cache capability
  • Improves the loading/downloading performance of terrain and image cache.
  • Supports WebP compression to improve loading and browsing performance.
  • Supports the storage of terrain, image, manual modeling, oblique photogrammetry and BIM in MongoDB.
  • Supports the storage of manual modeling, oblique photogrammetry and BIM in SQLite.
  • Point cloud supports Draco compression.
  • Improves the loading performance of 3D cache data, including oblique photogrammetry model, manual modeling, BIM, point cloud, etc.

Strengthens the capability of 3D field data model
  • Newly adds the inter-transformation of 3D body object and voxel grid.
  • 3D field data supports time dimension.

New 3D data distributed geological processing tools
  • New oblique photogrammetry distributed geological processing tool, including merging root node, texture compression, monomer, clipping, etc.
  • New terrain distributed geological processing tool, including appending and generating cache.
  • New manual modeling distributed geological processing tool, including generating S3M tiles and storing to MongoDB.
  • New capability of managing the whole process of oblique photogrammetry model data through geographic processing modeling tool.