It is based on 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, further develops the computing and analysis capabilities of geospatial data model, combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, 3D field and other multi-sourced heterogeneous data, and sets an open "Geospatial 3D Model Data Format" (S3M) standard and "Geopatial 3D Model Data Service Interface" standard to support GIS standard system. Based on distributed processing automation tools, the efficient whole-process management of real-time 3D data such as oblique photogrammetry model and point cloud can be realized. It integrates IT technologies of WebGL, VR, AR, AI, 3D printing and etc. to bring a more realistic and convenient 3D experience, promote 3D GIS to achieve outdoor and indoor integration, macro and micro integration, and aerospace/surface/underground integration, and empower the application of full space new 3D GIS.


S3M format upgrades from version 1.0 to 2.0
  • Newly supports Draco model compression operator.
  • Newly supports WebP/CRN texture compression format.
  • Newly supports PBR.
  • New binary stream storage structure of property file.
  • Newly supports saving to SQLite / MongoDB.

Improves 3D geospatial data model
  • Improves 3D volume data model, and newly supports parametric 3D object.
  • Improves 3D field data model, and newly supports voxel grid with spatio-temporal information.

Improves 3D GIS game engine development platform
  • Improves the performance of dynamic loading large-scale, multi-source heterogeneous, local/online GIS data.
  • Improves the 3D GIS analysis function, and supports visibility analysis, visual field analysis, skyline analysis, real-time sectioning, model flattening, contour analysis, submergence analysis, slope and aspect analysis, etc.
  • New measurement function supports the measurement of spatial distance, horizontal distance, area, height, etc.
  • Newly supports loading of points, lines, surfaces, models and other data stored in UDB/UDBX, and supports setting materials or external assets.
  • SuperMap Scene SDKs for Unreal Engine can stream the running 3D scene instance to the web browser through Pixel Streaming, and use JavaScript API to realize web interaction.
  • SuperMap Scene SDKs for Unity supports WebAssembly, and uses JavaScript API to realize web-terminal interaction.

Improves 3D geographic design
  • Newly supports for stakeout of multi-level slopes based on road edges, and supports for polyline stakeout of multi-level slopes.
  • Optimizes the function of extracting height of2D lines to generate 3D lines on TIN terrain.
  • New function of obtaining the shortest spatial position and spatial distance from 3D point to oblique photography 3D model.
  • Improves the Boolean operation function of the model, as well as the performance of Boolean operation.
  • Improves the Boolean operation function of terrain and model, and supports output result as model.

Enhances 3D caching capabilities
  • Optimizes model simplification algorithm, and improves model simplification display effect.
  • New cache format of S3MBlock improves the performance of model cache loading and browsing.
  • Optimizes the function of merging the root node of the oblique photography model to improve the display effect and performance of the root node.
  • Optimizes the spatial index of oblique photography model, and supports nested structure, and improves performance updating.
  • New function of 3DTiles and S3M conversion.

Newly supports geographic entity datasets
  • Newly supports for importing/exporting CityGML models as geographic entity datasets.
  • Newly support for loading geographic entity data set in 3D scene.
  • Newly support for generating S3M 3D tile cache from geographic entity data set.

Improves 3D WebGL
  • Fully supports PBR.
  • Newly supports for setting animation effects on S3M layers.
  • New visual expression of voxel grid with spatio-temporal information, and supports functions of sectioning, polygon clipping, gradient transparency filtering, zooming along the Z axis, and obtaining isosurfaces, etc.
  • New measurement function with model vertex capture, and supports height measurement with reference line.
  • Newly supports memory management in S3M layers.
  • Newly supports Vue component products and low-code development.

Supports VR / AR / MR equipment
  • Newly supports Oculus Quest2 of VR.
  • Newly supports Microsoft HoloLens of MR.
  • Newly supports iPhone/iPad of AR.