Based on the framework of 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, a 2D & 3D integrated data model is further developed, which combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, laser point cloud and other heterogeneous data to promote the integration of outdoor and indoor, macro-micro-integration, space/surface/underground integration of 3D GIS, enabling full-space 3D GIS application.

In order to promote the sharing and standard of 3D data, Spatial 3D Model(S3M), an open 3D spatial data specification is formulated jointly with the industrial chain.


Provide Full-featured WebGL
  • Support massive, multi-source, heterogeneous 3D data.
  • Support real time dynamic data.
  • Support full function 3D spatial analysis.
  • Support the service client 3D spatial query, operation and analysis.
  • Support RTSP video streaming standard.

Multi Source Heterogeneous 3D Data Integration and Processing
  • Support the processing of oblique photogrammetry, TIM and BIM data.
  • Support batch editing of 3D model data.
  • Support 3D data registration based on same name control points.
  • Support data format of SKP, DWG, Geo3DML, etc.

Support the Analysis and Calculation of Discrete Space 3D Data Model
  • Enhance the judgment of spatial relationship, spatial operation and spatial analysis of 3D objects.
  • Support building 3D buffer using 3D point, line and surface.

Support BIM
  • Access of Revit, Bentley, CATIA (V5/V6).
  • Access of AutoCAD Civil 3D data.
  • Access of BIM and IFC data.

3D Data Model of New Continuous Space and Its Analysis
  • Support irregular tetrahedron grids and voxel grids for expressing deposits and various 3D elds. (like the wireless communication field, temperature field and wind eld).

3D Designer
  • Support building urban design rules.
  • Support 3D rule modeling.

Support Open 3D Model(S3M)

    3D GIS Supports Linux