It is based on 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, including 2D and 3D integrated data models and analysis calculations, multi-source 3D data storage management, multi-source 3D data sharing and interoperability, and multi terminals rendering interaction and output. It supports the storage, management, computation, analysis, visualization, and publishing of massive 3D data to achieve outdoor and indoor integration, macro and micro integration, and aerospace/surface/underground integration, and empower the application of full space new 3D GIS.


 2D and 3D integrated data model and its analysis and calculation
  • Supports 2D data models such as 2D points/lines/surfaces, 2D networks, irregular triangulation networks, grids, etc.
  • Supports 3D volume data model, and supports boundary notation and parametric notation.
  • Supports 3D network data model, and supports indoor, outdoor, and overground and underground 3D network analysis.
  • Builds two types of 3D field data models: Irregular Tetrahedral Grid (TIM) and Voxel Grid, and supports temporal dimensions.
  • Provides rich analysis and calculation functions for 3D surface data, 3D volume data, 3D field data, etc.
  • Supports symbolic modeling, rule-based modeling, and parametric modeling, and supports rapid construction of large-scale 3D scenes based on vector data.
  • Provides operational functions such as stretching, dimensionality reduction, voxelization to achieve mutual conversion between 2D and 3D data models.
  • Improves 3D adaptive pipe point symbols to enhance the rapid construction and high realism visualization capabilities of large-scale 3D pipeline networks.
  • Supports for rapid construction of pipeline attachments and road models based on parameterized modeling.

Integrated storage and management for multi-source 3D data
  • Fully integrates multi-source heterogeneous data such as oblique photography 3D models, laser point clouds, BIM, GIM, white architecture model data, high-precision city model data, 3D fields, geological bodies, terrain, underground pipelines, etc.
  • Supports direct access to data that meets standards such as IFC, CityGML, Geo3DML, GIM, etc., and supports parsing substation *. mod data.
  • Fully supports BIM data and access multiple formats of BIM data produced by over 10 mainstream BIM software.
  • Provides multiple distributed GPA tools to realize efficient full process management and spatial analysis of 3D data such as white architecture model data, high-precision city model data, BIM, oblique photography 3D model, point cloud, terrain, etc.
  • Supports partial data update for oblique photography 3D model, and supports damaged file inspection and abnormal data repair.
  • Supports point cloud instance segmentation based on AI to improve data processing efficiency after power grid inspection.

Multi-source 3D data sharing and interoperation
  • Supports open standards for the Spatial 3D Model Data Format (S3M) and Spatial 3D Model Data Service Interface.
  • Supports the sharing and interoperation for white architecture model data, high-precision city model data, oblique photography 3D model, point cloud, BIM, GIM, 2D/3D point/line/polygon data, 2D/3D topological network data, geological body, 3D field in multiple terminals.
  • Supports S3M 1.0, S3M 2.0 and S3M 3.0 format.
  • Supports geometric compression, texture compression, orientation bounding box (OBB), physical based rendering (PBR), skeletal animation, vertex expansion in S3M 3.0 with extensibility and compatibility.

Multi-terminal rendering, interaction, and output
  • Newly released 3D WebGPU terminal (Beta), optimized rendering performance for 3D WebGL terminal by 30%.
  • Provide self-developed 3D WebGL terminal and Cesium based 3D WebGL terminal, with full data, full functionality, high realism, and low code development.
  • Improves TB level 3D data rendering performance and high realism rendering of 3D scenes in self-developed 3D WebGL terminal.
  • Supports loading of S3M 3.0 format data, block format terrain and image data in Cesium plug-in.
  • Provides a high fidelity 3D GIS development package based on UE4/UE5/Unity/HMS Core 3D Engine, and supportsdynamic loading of large-scale, multi-source 3D GIS data, as well as multiple 3D GIS analysis, query, and measurement.
  • Provides 3D GIS data beautification tools to achieve high fidelity rendering of 3D scenes (UE4/UE5/Unity).
  • Supports cloud rendering to web terminal, provides open source JavaScript APIs, and supports low code development (UE4/UE5/Unity).
  • Supports multiple VR/AR/MR devices:Oculus Quest2, iPhone, Microsoft HoloLens2, etc.
  • Supports 3D printing.

Other key features
  • Newly released 3D geographic design WebApp, supporting online batch modeling and interactive editing.
  • Provides SuperMap iExplorer3D, and supports access to massive multi-source heterogeneous spatial data and high-fidelity 3D fields rendering.
  • Supports 3D GIS cross platform.