It is based on 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, further develops the computing and analysis capabilities of geospatial data model, combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, 3D field and other multi-sourced heterogeneous data, and sets an open "Geospatial 3D Model Data Format" (S3M) standard and "Geopatial 3D Model Data Service Interface" standard to promote the opening and sharing of spatial 3D data. Based on distributed processing automation tools, the efficient whole-process management of 3D data such as manual modeling data, BIM, real 3D model, point cloud, terrain can be realized. It integrates IT technologies of WebGL, VR, AR, AI, 3D printing and etc. to bring a more realistic and convenient 3D experience, promote 3D GIS to achieve outdoor and indoor integration, macro and micro integration, and aerospace/surface/underground integration, and empower the application of full space new 3D GIS.


 S3M format upgrades to version 3.0
  • Supports geometry compression(Meshopt) and texture compression(KTX2.0), Greatly reduce the amount of data to meet the efficient application of multiple terminals.
  • Supports OBB(Oriented Bounding Box), and supports more accurate frustum cutting and scheduling switching, which improves uploading and downloading performance.
  • Supports LOD switching mode Geometric_Error.
  • Supports mask texture based on PBR, and supports game engine material function.
  • Vertex extension attribute supports storing semantic information at the vertex level.
  • Supports skeletal / skin animation.
  • Improves extensibility and compatibility.

Newly upgraded high fidelity 3D GIS SDK
  • Supports UE5 engine.
  • Newly releases high fidelity 3D scene browser software SuperMap iExplorer3D.
  • Large world coordinates (LWC) supports ue5 to improve the rendering accuracy of large scenes.
  • URP 3D GIS plug-in (Unity) fully supports universal rendering pipeline (URP).
  • Supports access to more types of GIS data, and support OGC services such as wmts/wms.
  • Greatly reduces the memory occupation, solves the problem of 3D scene roaming jam, and improves the carrying capacity of large-scale scenes.
  • Provides more functions of 3D GIS analysis, query and measurement.
  • Improves the ability to quickly beautify 3D geographical scenes.
  • Supports cloud rendering to the web, improves the open source JavaScript API, and supports low code development.

Improves 3D geospatial data model
  • Supports parameterized 3D model.
  • CSG modeling tool based on Python script, which supports the construction of parameterized 3D objects.
  • Supports exporting parameterized 3D objects to IFC format data.

Supports BIM data customized processing tool set based on geographic processing automation (GPA)
  • Supports GPA tools for batch and customized processing BIM data, and supports automatic processing business flow of BIM data, such as IFC/GIM/RVM/RVT/DWG/DGN/3DXML/NWD/SKP.

Greatly improves the loading and browsing performance of large-scale 3D tile data