Based on 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, new 3D GIS technology further develops the computing and analysis capabilities of spatial data model, combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, 3D field and other multi-sourced heterogeneous data, and sets an open "Spatial 3D Model Data Format" (S3M) standard. Based on distributed technology, the efficient wholeprocess management of real-time 3D data such as oblique photogrammetry model and point cloud canbe realized. It integrates IT technologies of WebGL, VR, AR, AI, 3D printing and etc. to bring a more realistic and convenient 3D experience, promote 3D GIS to achieve outdoor and indoor integration, macro and micro integration, and aerospace/surface/underground integration, and empower the application of full space new 3D GIS.


Support Spatial 3D Model(S3M)

Provides real-scene 3D data efficient and full process management capabilities based on distributed technology
  • Provides distributed processing capabilities of oblique photogrammetry models and complete processing operators to realize full-process management of largescale oblique photogrammetry model data from distributed processing, distributed storage to service publishing.
  • Provides point cloud data distributed processing capability to realize full-process management of largescale and crowded point cloud data from distributed processing, distributed storage to service publishing.

Strengths the visualization effect and data bearing capacity of WebGL
  • Optimizes particle systems and builds 3D particle effects of flames, fountains and etc.
  • Improves post-processing effects, provides Floodlight, High Dynamic Lighting (HDR), etc.
  • Imports 3D effects created by Unity3D.
  • Improves anti-aliasing capability, supports technologies of SMAA, SSAA, etc.
  • Improves the depth perception capacity of crowded point cloud data visualization, and supports point cloud data to be drawn in EDL (Eye-dome Lighting) mode.
  • Supports vector layer and MVT vector tile data.
  • Supports instantiate layer and efficient rendering of large-scale 3D symbolized objects.

Strengthens the docking capability with BIM
  • Loads 3D XML of CATIA (V5/V6) and RVT of Revit.
  • Supports importing IFC data format.
  • Improves BIM exporting plug-in, supports docking of Bentley, Autodesk Civil 3D, Tekla.