SuperMap iDesigner3D: A Newly Released Online Three-Dimensional (3D) Geo-design Tool

08 Aug,2023

Geo-design is an approach that conduct planning and design based on geographic contexts. It emphasizes the environmental impact on programmes and the concept of constant upgrade according to feedback. With the innovation of relative technics, geo-design not only can present the design proposal intuitively but also can evaluate and continuously optimize the plan through its powerful spatial data computing and spatial analysis capabilities, which has been demonstrated through the application in multi-fields including urban design, transportation design, hydraulic design, electric transmission line design and so on.

However, with the rapid growth of Internet technology and the continuous expansion of its applications in both breadth and depth, problems and new demands emerged. For example, online design was not supported. Users need to modify and adjust design programmes promptly; interactive editing and remote collaborative work are required.

To this end, SuperMap newly released a web-based 3D geo-design application – SuperMap iDesigner3D. It's a lightweight WebApp developed based on SuperMap iClient 3D for WebGL, and deployed in the SuperMap iPortal, the portal software platform. It can achieve online geo-design and interactive editing without relying on a professional design environment.

Online batch modelling and editing capabilities to achieve a highly efficient online 3D geo-design

To satisfy the requirements of online 3D geo-design, SuperMap iDesigner 3D provides online bath modelling and editing capabilities based on the real geographical environment:

1.Based on the vectorial data of dot/line/surface and modelling rules of stretching/releasing, SuperMap iDesigner 3D can construct online by batching 3D buildings, roads, alleys, pipelines, and gutters models which perfectly match the geographical environments. 

2.SuperMap iDesigner3D supports model material editing, model parameter editing, data attributes editing and style editing and so on. It also supports real-time update and editing, and outcomes setting, which can improve the efficiency of data editing.

3D spatial data processing capabilities to achieve a fusion of models and 3D scenes

To obtain data and characteristics of geographical environment accurately for better design and planning, SuperMap iDesigner3D provides 3D spatial data processing capabilities, such as tilt-shift photography 3D model excavation, tilt-shift photography 3D model flattening, terrain excavation and terrain modification. It supports the fusion of models and 3D scenes, measurement and calculation function of height/distance/area to quickly obtain the height, area and other characteristics of a specified object so as to provide reliable geographical reference for design and planning.

Outcome sharing and re-editing capabilities to satisfy cross-sectional interactive editing requirements

SuperMap iDesigner3D supports quick saving, sharing, reviewing and re-editing of modelling results to satisfy the demand for cross-section, and interactive editing. Besides, it also supports the creation, saving and sharing of online assets such as materials as well as the sharing of projects and materials through groups, which can effectively enhance team collaboration, reduce the operation and maintenance costs. On top of that, it provides supports for multi-people cross-sectional collaborative design and efficient management of design plans to realize real-time discussion of solutions, timely communication on problems, and efficient sharing of assets.

In addition, SuperMap iObject and SuperMap iDesktopX are equipped with more 3D geographic design capabilities, including road design modelling based on rules, parametric modeling based on processing automation (GPA) tools, Boolean operations/geological body sectioning and other 3D data calculation and analysis, and 3D data processing capabilities such as tilt-shift photography 3D models and terrain clipping/mosaicing/caving.

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