SuperMap 3D Pipeline Technology

24 June,2019

Pipeline data is the basic information of urban construction and development. In the process of urban planning, designing, construction and management, the complete and accurate pipeline information is indispensable for the efficient works and scientific management.
Based on 2D&3D integration technology, SuperMap provides the 3D pipeline GIS application system with fast, efficient, complete and practical technical solution which improves the performance of massive 3D pipelines and provides a variety of practical 3D pipeline analysis functions. Users can view the details of local pipelines and the macroscopic distribution of regional pipelines, understand the single pipeline situation and the overall distribution relationship of various pipelines, guide the engineering construction and design the new district planning or pipeline at the same time.

The traditional pipeline GIS system used 2D managements. While, the 2D technology cannot display the real pipeline space distribution, material size, type and other information. So, in the information expression, analysis and application of pipe network and pipeline data, the 3D management mode can better meet the needs and gradually replace the 2D system in pipeline management.
In considering that 2D GIS has accumulated a large number of point and line data with business attributes, SuperMap uses vector dotted data to build network datasets and realizes the symbolic generation of the 3D pipeline automatically based on 2D&3D integration technology. Also, it adaptively generates 3D pipeline points according to network topology relationships to express the features of elbows, tees, crosses and others, which can quickly build a 3D pipeline network scene to reduce the construction costs significantly. In addition, SuperMap uses adaptive point symbol, instant rendering, LOD structure and other technologies to improve the performance and provide a variety of practical 3D pipeline analysis functions. In the rapid construction, mass bearing and application analysis of 3D pipelines, SuperMap provides a fast, efficient, complete and practical technical solution for the 3D pipeline GIS application system.

Connectivity Analysis
Connectivity analysis is an analysis of the connection relationship between single pipeline and multiple pipelines. It can analyze the location and the number of the pipeline connection, the flow direction, the flow rate and the attributes of the pipeline, which helps to avoid and reduce the contradictions and hidden dangers of underground facilities in the process of municipal construction. It also improves the accuracy and scientificity of pipeline engineering planning, design, construction and management, greatly shortens the planning cycle, and effectively avoids and reduces the economic loss caused by planning and design, routine maintenance and engineering rescue command failure.

The Strong Data Carrying Capacity
In the scenes of 3D digital factory area and the municipal pipe network, there is large amount of intricate and complex types of pipe network data on the ground and underground that demands for the increasing carrying capacity of massive data. SuperMap GIS provides four methods to improve the performance: 3D adaptive point symbol, instant rendering technology, GPU computing and LOD multi-detail technology. The comprehensive utilization of these technologies ensures the superior rendering performance and stability of the platform. For instance, in the following case, the pipeline data is huge and extremely dense, there is pipeline data from about 600 kilometers pipelinein the range of 0.8 square kilometers. SuperMap solved the technical problems of rapid construction of 3D pipeline data, the smooth loading of ultra-density pipelines, display and management。

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