New Product of SuperMap GIS 9D (2019) SP2

14 May,2019


3D iDesktop, iObjects

It optimizes the functions of terrain mosaic and terrain hole, model geometry operation, and the user experience of planar scene camera.

The matching effect optimization of terrain and model

3D WebGL 

It optimizes the functions of multi-terrain excavation and modification, improves the accuracy of terrain displaying, optimizes the layered color and line effect of S3M layer, optimizes shadow default effect, supports the deep detection of measuring and calculating and sketching operations.

Cloud GIS

SuperMap iServer&SuperMap iEdge

It supports the functions of refreshing the contents of specified workspaces in service management, paging querying and data service based on Shapefile and PostGIS data sources, and configures the monodromy thematic map for WMS services through SLD files. It enables the change of JRE build-in package from Oracle JDK to Open JDK.

Configuring themonodromy thematic map for the WMS service through the SLD file

SuperMap iPortal

It supports the functions of exporting portal statistics with PDF and CSV files and supports the Oracle and PostgreSQL databases for storing portal data and the secure information. It also adds new customized lighting effects for 3D Earth modules and new symbol materials of online editing. The dashboard module adds new components of supporting text lists and backgrounds.

SuperMap iManager

It adds new operation logs for users can view the operation history in UI and improves the security level to prevent the brute-force attacks of account.

Terminal GIS for PCs

SuperMap iDesktop .NET

It supports the service of TMS and functions of exporting vector data into MDB data, and optimizes the import of GDB and MDB data, the field type identification of Excel data importing, the conversion model parameters calculation and the mosaic dataset multitasking generation overviewing.

The comparison of iDesktop .NET four-parameter conversion optimization

SuperMap iDesktop Java

It supports the service of TMS, improves data fusion and upgrades the JDK version from 1.7 to 1.8.

iDesktop Java loads GDB data

SuperMap iObjects

It adds new TMS engine and the function of data set generating by record set while remain the SmID. It also optimizes the efficiency of CSV importing and exporting, the function of CAD data importing, and the effect of mosaic dataset displaying in 2D map.

SuperMap iMobile

It adds the new functions of map merging in iMobile, optimizes the effect of legend dynamic displaying and the function of optimal point analysis in indoor navigation, and supports the information modification of SuperMap Online account.

It also adds the new functions of annotation in iTablet, including bit-by-bit and free-style annotation, new map-cutting, undo and redo, attribute editing, query, positioning, etc. In 3D scene module, it supports the online analysis, POI query, path analysis  and adds the self-added sites to create flight route functions.

SuperMap iClient

iClient for MapboxGL adds new Widgets (suitable for Vue framework), including WebMap map widgets, chart-related widgets, legend widgets, layer table widgets, measurement widgets, query/search widgets, progress bar widgets and supports style-switching by one-clicking.

iClient for Leaflet optimizes the functions of point labeling and the links and interface descriptions in API files.

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