2D+3D Technology in Combat Commanding

18 Apr,2019

The 2D+3D Combat Commanding and Decision-making Assist System is based on SuperMap GIS 2D+3D integration technology, which integrates sound, light and electronic information technology. It has the dynamic model rendering, angle switching and image scaling effects that exceeds traditional sandbox which can realize the functions of model displaying, data analysis, real-time video, situational demonstration, war chess deduction, command rehearsal, resource deployment, model plotting, etc. The system enables the battlefield environment visualization, the battlefield situation plotting, the smart command decision, and the plan execution standardization to realize the full-time display of the situation and assist the leadership in commanding and decision-making. The system provides a visual and practical command platform for public security, firefighting, and armed police to conduct anti-terrorism drills, actual combat command, emergency response, and large-scale security activities.

System Structure

The system integrates various systems of networks (public network and public security network), 350M wireless digital trunking, video surveillance, face recognition and Beidou positioning to help achieve an efficient, convenient and accurate command and dispatch. The system allows commander to grasp the relevant topography, road and building features, building safety passages and pipeline layout on the 3D digital model, as well as design and deploy plans. More over, it helps the  intelligence research personnel and decision makers to know the distribution of police in different regions and different situations on high-precision 2D&3D maps, and offers assistance with pre-warning, rapid commanding, and scientific decision-making.


1. Visual monitoring

Police visual monitoring

The police inquiry is based on the police data, which can comprehensively query the police according to the number, name, type, time and location of the incidents and carry out the precise positioning on 2D and 3D geographic information platform. 

Checkpoint visual monitoring

The system integrates the resource of security checkpoint and electronic police on the 2D and 3D geographic information platform, and realizes the vehicle inspection, alarm management and pre-warning analysis.

2. Intelligent combat commanding

The system comprehensively utilizes SuperMap GIS 2D+3D technology, artificial intelligence technology and big data technology to visually display changes in scenes, environments, situations, and processes through 3D GIS functions. 

3D map

On 3D map, the structure of the target sites, the distribution of facilities and equipment can be viewed, the deployment of sandbox personnel, equipment, and information can be achieved, and the scene measurement and route planning can be conducted.

3D monitoring

It provides the function of video accessing, police positioning, digital cluster, collecting various monitoring data of the target location in real time, and displaying the data in a 3D map to achieve the comprehensive visual monitoring.

Combat commanding

Based on the comprehensive visual monitoring and big data analysis, the system realizes the automatic assistance of emergency response command, and displays the disposal information and disposal status on the 3D map.


The system can be widely used in public security, firefighting, armed police and other fields to carry out 3D visual monitoring throughout the day, and can provide decision-making assistance to efficient command and disposal of various types of emergencies occurring at the target site based on the intelligent plan.

1. Large-screen displaying system of command center

2. 3D interactive electronic sandbox system for police

3. 3D visual commanding system for police

4. 3D security system

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