2D+3D Application in Natural Resources Management

25 Mar,2019

The SuperMap new generation 2D+3D natural resource information management platform can realize the overall cognition of the national land space system, manage the land space, improve the ecosystem service capabilities, and promote high-quality development from the source protection of natural resources and the whole process of restoration and management to construct ecological civilization.

The sand table management of “mountain, forest, cropland, lake and grassland”

Based on modern information processing, software platform construction and 3D modeling technology, the platform reproduces the “Mountain, Forest, Cropland, Lake and Grassland” management sand table, and assembles data management, information display, spatial analysis, visual simulation and business management on the natural resources 3D electronic sand table. 

Constructing the natural resource 2D+3D information management portal

The “1 + 1 + N” platform mode integrates the management sand table of “Mountain, Forest, Cropland, Lake, Grassland” natural resource information, including one application portal, one 2D+3D spatial information management subsystem and several management application sub-modules. In the aspect of platform portal, BIM data, oblique photogrammetry data, 360-degree panoramic data, geological volume data, and other data in the key areas can be loaded and intergraded. In the aspect of application, in addition to the 2D and 3D integrated natural resource information management subsystem of sand table management, the platform also integrates a variety of application modules, such as natural resource data topological analysis, multi-screen comparison linkage, spatial statistics analysis, 3D geological applications and 3D building application.  

Forming a complete solution from data modeling to information management 

The platform recognizes the landscape community of “Mountain, Forest, Cropland, Lake and Grassland” with new perspective, and forms a database system integrating natural resources and real estate registration. The Data sources include basic geospatial framework data, natural resource related spatial data and non-spatial data, and related restricted boundary data. Under the support of these data, the system processes 3D modeling work by analyzing the natural resources features, and uses the information management platform to reproduce the management sand table of natural resources.

Realizing the full-element information digital sand table of natural resources 2D+3D integration

The platform integrates the natural resources "Mountain, Forest, Cropland, Lake and Grassland" full-element information with 2D+3D integrated management sand table, and realizes the high-performance loading and display of the massive, multi-source, and heterogeneous data, such as natural resources related image, terrain, map, vector, manual modeling, oblique photogrammetry models, BIM, laser point clouds, and 3D field data based on SuperMap GIS 9D high-performance 3D visualization engine. The application of SuperMap 2D+3D technology system realizes the seamless integration of 2D and 3D GIS technologies, including the integration of 2D and 3D in data model, data storage scheme, data management, symbol, visualization and analysis functions and offers the functions of massive 2D data high-performance visualization and 2D analysis in 3D scenes. Those functions sublimate the 3D GIS into a depth application for business management and decision-making. In addition, the platform cooperates with the 720-degree panoramic data of observation points to better understand the actual resources of the area of interest and assists in the daily investigation and management of natural resources. 

Realizing the split screen linkage application of 2D+3D and multi-element 

When conducting the survey of the natural resource elements area, the traditional 2D spatial technology information management model was came from the survey of the projected area on the 2D plane, which will bring difficulties to the asset management of natural resources for the differences between the actual land area and the 2D plane. Thus, the platform supports 2D and 3D split screen linkage, which can simultaneously view the difference between the actual surface area and the 2D projected area of the same area in the natural resource management object, so as to analyze the difference between the two and grasp the actual land occupation of natural resources.

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