Introduction of SuperMap Edge Computing GIS Technology

21 Feb,2019


Edge Computing GIS technology is an important supplement to cloud GIS technology. It supports all elements of GIS application with various features of edge computing, including the publication and distribution of GIS content, the agent and acceleration of GIS services, and online analysis and calculation. It uses geographic information resources in a more flexible way, with high efficiency and low cost. SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) is an edge GIS server. Today we will analyze the technical features of SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) from the following aspects.

Edge Pre-Proxy of SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019)

When the end user browses the GIS service directly through the cloud GIS center, the response performance and reliability of the GIS service are poor because of the network delay effect of the Internet and the limitation of the export bandwidth of the cloud GIS center.

Deploying the edge GIS server - SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) on the user side can realize the proxy and acceleration of cloud GIS center services and effectively enhance the access experience of GIS services.

Currently, SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) supports the proxy and acceleration of a variety of GIS services, including:

  • SuperMap REST Service, OGC Standard Service
  • Internet Map Service
  • GIS Services Published by Third Party Platform

Edge Service Aggregation of SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019)

SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) can aggregate GIS services from different sources and different data contents into one service. For example, REST services containing a specific topic data and OGC services containing national basic maps can be aggregated into one REST service to realize the integration of multi-source and heterogeneous geographic information and services.

Edge Content Distribution of SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019)

When SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) implements edge pre-proxy and edge service aggregation, in order to speed up services, it caches a large amount of data locally, including request caching and tile data. When the data content of cloud GIS center changes, the tile data corresponding to the edge server should be updated in time to provide better timeliness.

SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) and cloud GIS center have realized deep integration. SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) supports extracting the latest tiles data from cloud GIS center regularly according to region, and realizes the automatic update of tiles data.

Edge Analysis and Computation of SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019)

SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) supports local computing, storage, network and data resources, provides edge dynamic mapping, edge space query, edge space operation and other edge GIS analysis and computing capabilities, and helps to build more efficient cloud GIS applications.

For those data with low update frequency or small volume of data, the edge node can be chosen to publish. The GIS business that needs GIS analysis and calculation but does not depend on the stock data can also be carried out at the edge nodes. Therefore, by pre-positioning part of the GIS analysis and calculation work to the edge nodes on demand, it can provide faster network response for the GIS system.


Edge Computing GIS technology is an important supplement to cloud GIS technology. SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) makes full use of edge GIS technology to provide various edge GIS capabilities such as edge pre-proxy, edge service aggregation, edge content distribution, edge analysis and calculation, so as to help build stronger, more reliable and more efficient cloud GIS applications.

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