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12 Feb,2019

Python is a interpretive and multi-function programming language that is easy to learn and is widely used in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields for its simple syntax, dynamic inputting, especially for developing fast application. The GIS software functions can fit well with Python. SuperMap iDesktop Java desktop 9D (2019) version integrated with Python in the following issues.

? Built-in Python runtime environment

The Java desktop has internally installed Python runtime environment of PyDev, which integrates with the Python 3.5 runtime library. And without installing additional Python packages, you can also write and execute Python scripts from the Java desktop.

? Embedded Python IDE

The Java desktop is based on the open source text editor RSyntaxTextArea and it independently develops the Python integrated developmental environment. The Java Desktop Python IDE supports the Python encoding style, interface methods, intelligent prompts of parameter and auto-completion function, interface descriptions of embedded APIs, and can automatically prompt for rapid development of Python scripts.

The Python IDE and the Java desktop make data access possible and make it easy to verify results. In IDE, the Java desktop can be directly used to open the data. The execution result of the IDE is saved in data source of the Java desktop, and can be visually displayed on the map and the scene.


? Python tools

The Java Desktop Toolbox provides several Python tools and supports viewing and modifying tool scripts. Java Desktop supports writing Python script creation tools via the built-in IDE, which can create tools by loading Python files (*.py). When executing Python tools, the output area has corresponding Python code output to facilitate timely tracking of code execution.

In addition, the tools in the toolbox support to view the Python interface and provide detailed Python interface syntax, feature introductions, and descriptions of various parameters to facilitate Python language development.


? Python and visual modeling integration

The Python tools provided by the Java desktop can not only run directly, but also support visual modeling of Python tools. You can add Python tools directly to the model canvas and connect them with other tools to build automated workflows, such as data production processing.

The model created by the Java desktop can be executed not only on the desktop, but also can be used as a Python script file (*.py) for easy reuse. For instance, the output Python script, can be imported into the Java desktop again or copy and paste the Python code into the Python editing area to execute the code directly after modifying its parameters in the editor. Also, scripts output by Java desktop Python can be used without the desktop.

The Java desktop integrates many SuperMap iObjects Python features such as data processing, topology, interpolation, and proximity analysis. Users can quickly customize developmental plan to meet more features that match business requirements with Python language.

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