New Features of SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019)

24 Jan,2019

SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019) not only embraces the spatial big data, but also brings new revolutions to the web applications.

Spatial big data is always referred with massive development and labor costs. However, there is no such problems in SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019). Users can upload ShapeFile, Excel, CSV and other types of spatial data through visual interface, and register the self-managed HDFS into iPortal to store and manage big data more easily.

SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019) introduced a cloud and terminal unified user center module which supports many authentication and authorization protocols such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML and so on, and also supports single sign-on among cloud GIS servers. It not only solves the team working difficulties among independent cloud GIS server in the traditional account management module, but also supports access to the existing user account and authorize the third-party applications to log on to cloud GIS server. It provides an easy and safe solutions for cloud GIS account management.

Data insights is a simple, efficient and flexible Web application for geographic data. SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019) provides a new kind of distributed spatial analysis tool. 

It provides various map of scatter, box, and radar to be used for multi-dimensional data analysis.
It provides distributed spatial analysis tools of Point aggregation, density analysis, trajectory reconstruction and attribute aggregation, etc.
It supports custom chart color and text style.
It supports setting operating platform background and switching theme with one-click.
It provides both text view and picture view.
It supports creating reports online and share them through PC and mobile, or export the reports in PDF or PNG format.

SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019) provides MapDashBoard WebApp which can rapidly create visual map dashboard online.

It supports multi-source data like Excel, CSV, JSON, GeoJSON, iServer stream service, etc.
It provides various visual components including maps, charts, texts, indicators, etc.
It supports interactive operation to build map screen applications rapidly.

SuperMap iPortal 9D(2019) provides 3D earth WebApp. Users can load multi-source 2D&3D data and build 3D visualization scene to browse, query, analysis and share online.

It supports build 3D scene online.
It supports terrain analysis, 3D analysis, spatial measurement, model tailoring, etc.
It support the saving and sharing of 3D scene 

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