SuperMap GIS Technology - Edge Computing

03 Jan,2019

Edge computing is an important supplementary technology of cloud GIS. It manages GIS resources more flexibly in a high efficient and low cost way. SuperMap iEdge 9D(2019) is such an edge GIS server.

Front-end Proxy

Due to the internet delay and the limitation of the export bandwidth of cloud GIS center, the response performance and reliability of GIS service is poor when the end users connect cloud GIS center and browse GIS service.

Deploying the edge GIS server - SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) on the user side can accelerate the cloud GIS center services and effectively enhance the access experience of GIS services.

SuperMap iEdge 9D(2019) supports accelerate various of GIS services:
SuperMap REST service, OGC standard service;
Internet map service;
GIS service published by the third platform.

Service Aggregation

SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) can aggregate GIS services from different sources and with different data contents into one service. For example, REST services containing a thematic data and OGC services containing national basic maps can be aggregated into one REST service.

Content distribution

In order to accelerate the service, SuperMap iEdge 9D(2019) caches a large amount of data locally, including request caching and tile data. When the data content of cloud GIS center changes, the tile data corresponding to the edge server should be updated in time to provide better timeliness.

SuperMap iEdge 9D(2019) supports extract the newest data from cloud GIS center by time and region, so that the tile data can be updated automatically.

Analyzing and Computing

SuperMap iEdge 9D (2019) supports local computing, storage, network and data resources, provides edge dynamic mapping, edge spatial query, edge spatial operation and other edge GIS computing capabilities, and helps to build more efficient cloud GIS applications.

For those data with low update frequency or small volume, can be published through the edge nodes. The analysis and calculation of some GIS services which are independent of the stock data can also be carried out based on the edge nodes. Therefore, edge computing can provide a faster network response for the GIS system.

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