Smart Brain Brings New Life for Old District

09 Feb,2018

Smart is one of new features of modern city. As the capital city of China, Beijing has made accomplishments in smart city construction, making city transform from ‘digital’ to ‘smart’, solving old problems of city management.

Xicheng District of Beijing showed vivid path in smart city, digital city geographic spatial framework pilot city in 2009, then first spatio-temporal cloud platform pilot district in Beijing, completion of Xicheng geographic framework construction in 2011. In 2017, Beijing Urban Planning Committee and SuperMap Group started cooperating in Xicheng smart spatio-temporal information cloud platform.

Smart Xicheng Spatio-temporal Information Cloud Platform has the following features:

1. Formed ‘District Spatial Data One Map’, with ‘Smart Xicheng’ as basis, providing detailed business management for all departments, making foundations for the future resource sharing and business linking.

Resource Display Interface

2. Detailed 3D Model Coverage in district, forming the first full 3D model coverage area in the district and providing ground and underground integration, indoor & outdoor integration, 2D & 3D integration, etc.

Building & Cottage Detailed 3D Model 

Water & Road Detailed 3D Model

Indoor & Outdoor Integration

2D & 3D Integration

3. Resource environment data centralization, which realized physical scatter of spatial data as well as data sharing on spatio-temporal cloud platform, making data logical centralization

In order to effectively integrate various city, making city management and service more detailed, real-time, visualized, intelligent, advancing the transforming from digital city to smart city, fulfilling different needs of various users, Xicheng District keeps advancing smart application construction in major industries.

Direct Application

Spatio-temporal cloud platform now has over 150 thematic services, which acquired from the shared data. Users can apply for their own accounts, with relevant authorization, they can view and query analyze through smart Xicheng spatio-temporal cloud platform, they also can update their information through data exchange module. If they have other requirements on the business data from other departments, they ca apply through the application module of the platform, realizing resource sharing.

Resource Application

Docking Application

Spatio-temporal cloud platform acquires cloud framework, through service bus technology, using the methods of web service, OGC standard service, customization service, providing services like static data, query analysis, spatial processing, online API, IoT nodes, front-machine, etc. Users can create their own professional systems with the resource services and secondary development interfaces provided by the cloud platform. The platform brings better support for detailed management, scientific decision and personalized services.

APP Development

Customized Application

For the organizations without professional systems, they can develop relevant R & D work based on Xicheng spatio-temporal network results, data results, application interface.

Xicheng Building Economic Management System

 Street Response Grid Social Service Management GIS System

 Xicheng Environmental Protection Application System

Xicheng Garden Detailed Management System

 Xicheng Public Service System 

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