BIM+GIS Seamless Docking

20 Nov,2017

At GTC 2017, SuperMap released big data supported SuperMap GIS 9D, which gained development and breakthroughs in big data, new 3D, cloud & terminal, cross-platform.

Currently, the coordination of BIM and GIS has been applied in bridge, pipeline, construction, roads, dam, tunnel, etc.

In the data coordination, SuperMap and partners developed export plugin which supports Revit, Bentley, Catia, helping SuperMap 9D importing data formats like rvt, dgn, CATProduct using one button, realzing seamless docking between BIM and GIS.

 There are plenty of advantages using SuperMap GIS 9D BIM Export Plugin

1. One button exporting BIM vertex and attribute information, ensuring the completeness of BIM information. Supports category classifying and BIM quick management.

2. Supports big data rendering and LOD model and instantiation mapping.

3. Supports calculation of any surface, volume and profile of topologically closed BIM 3D entity data model and spatial relation judging, spatial calculation, spatial analysis and 3D printing.

With those advantages, SuperMap GIS 9D provides brand new functionalities for BIM and GIS coordination basing on wide BIM data formats.

1. Rich attribute and spatial query functions, supporting BIM location and texture editing, BIM object editing and deleting.

2. Supports intercepting any surface of BIM and real-time preview based on GPU. Supports exporting any BIM profile into 2D vector data for map, which enhanced the BIM extension applications. 

3. Supports exporting BIM pipeline into interconnected points and lines dataset, and for underground pipeline burst analysis.  


4. Supports layer management and using layer switch to control.

SuperMap GIS 9D supports exporting STL model and 3D printing

Under the support of SuperMap GIS 9D, BIM and GIS formed complete industrial solution, digging the potential values for BIM and GIS combination applications.

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