The Storm is Coming, How can GIS React?

22 June,2017

The storm is destructive, bringing huge damage on property and transportation. Since 2000, there are multiple city flooding disasters in China, with over 200 each year, which influences the life quality, also brings severe property loss. For example, Guangzhou is easy to have flood and have a very large rainfall.

However, in the recent years, this situation has been greatly improved. This is because of the flooding alert system.

Arrangement and alert

City flooding is influenced by multiple factors, like area terrain, draining ability, etc. Different areas have different results even because of the same situation, therefore, the differences of each point needs to be checked.

In order to set the threshold value, Guangdong Meteorological Service started massive field research and measuring work. In 2012, basing on SuperMap GIS, Guangdong Meteorological Service developed ‘Guangzhou Flooding Risk Evaluation System’; in 2015, Guangdong Meteorological Service developed 'Flooding Alert System’ based on Web GIS. When the storm coming, the system will do the flooding alert and evaluation.

In 2016, ‘Guangdong flooding risk alert system’ has been upgraded, providing more detailed risk alert model. In the flooding period, the system has kept following and alerting the flooding process. The application of this system will lower the flooding risk, providing insurance for the human and property.
In the big rainfall on June, 3rd, the system provided very good supporting services.

Innovation + Advantage Supporting Alert

'Guangdong flooding risk alert system’, not only realized spatial grid flooding risk and evaluation, real-time monitoring the rainfall in the province, big data point collection, combining with metrological monitoring, forecast information. With the monitoring situation, the personnel can initiate city flooding model and start flooding risk evaluation.

The technical officer of SuperMap indicates that the system can acquire the detailed forecast of future 0-3 hours, starting 0-3 hours city flooding risk analysis. With the analysis results, the system can release flooding alert with 1-3 hours in advance, providing an important reference for the effective dispatching.
The core technologies are city flooding model and threshold setting, which makes system can not only send alerts on the risky points, also can realize detailed alert. When the rainfall comes, the model can precisely evaluate the flooding area.

Powerful technology

The rainfall has the features of high efficiency, big amount of raster. How can we solve this problem? SuperMap SDX+ showed great advantage. SuperMap SDX+ can easily realize the storage and management of vector and raster data in TB level. Also, geospatial analysis functions of SuperMap include vector data processing and analysis, raster data processing and analysis, network data processing and analysis, providing full function, effective, easy to use analysis interfaces; the system uses various analysis tools to dig data, constructing practical and intelligent GIS application programs.

With the higher requirements of earth observation and the floating in of massive location information, traditional GIS cannot handle the requirements of spatio-temporal information. While SuperMap high efficiency spatial analysis aims at solving that problem, combining with the features of geographic data and geographic calculation, with parallel calculation technology, GPU technology, memory calculation, improving spatial calculation performance, providing technical insurance for massive geographic data analysis.

Sync docking with government data

Currently, ‘Guangdong flooding alert system’ is docked with Guangdong emergency operation decision system, realizing seamless docking with Guangdong emergency operation decision system.

In addition, the system is operating all across Guangdong, later, other products will also be released for public.

As matter of fact, there are already some flooding risk alert system development, usually is for a city or the central area of the city, for the entire province is quite rare. 


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