Yalong River Digitalization Platform

28 Feb,2017
GIS+BIM makes 3D visualization Information Displaying and Consulting

Yalong river 3D visualization information displaying and consulting platform is a displaying window for Yalong river digitalization platform, it is also an integrated platform for various professional applications. The platform is based on SuperMap GIS platform, integrating with oblique photogrammetry technology, Building Information Model (BIM) and 3D Geographic Information System (3D-GIS), realizing large-area oblique photogrammetry data and high detailed model information merging with 3D GIS platform, letting users identifying and displaying the 3D scenes and main spatial objects of the river.

The platform integrates current information system data resources, providing integrated information query and analysis on 3D scene objects, demonstration of natural river and human intervention, etc. The  main effects are shown below:

1. 3D visualization information displaying and aided decision making services on water and electricity on the whole river.

Immersive river development aided management and decision making supports VR environment, visualization management on the whole river, 3D visualization demonstration of water and electricity projects water and electricity station aided management, river risk management, river land immigration, river environmental protection, river public security, etc.

Diagram of the system

Project Management Digitalization Sandbox

Electricity Generation Management Digitalization Sandbox

2. Large area of detailed BIM model and data accessing 3D GIS platform, making applications merging

The integration of BIM and GIS has become a hot spot, BIM is the data source to construct the building in GIS while GIS is key data source for BIM. The formats of 2 domains are completely different, directly taking spatial information of building to GIS is basically impossible. This program realized the data sharing between BIM and GIS, ensuring the data like model, attributes can be completely converted through intermediary transferring tool.

2.1. Optimization and smooth displaying of big volume of detailed model

2.2. Comprehensive integration of multi-dimension semantic information

2.3. Smooth displaying of BIM detailed model in 3D GIS platform

3. High detailed river DEM data and image data accessing, providing real, effective 3D scene for Yalong river.

High detailed river DEM data and image data are accessed in the hydrology and electricity. Real and effective 3D scene data provide support for integrating high detailed building information construction and comprehensive management.

4. Visualization of project data by 3D map, chart, video

Through 3D visualization function, the program organizes massive river and project data accordingly, visualizing for different users, different scenes and different results

4.1. Real-time monitoring data visualization

4.2. Construction security monitoring visualization

4.3. Generator equipment visualization

4.4. Rain information visualization

4.5. Setting standards of data collecting mechanism, data accessing mode and data update standard, realizing data interconnection and long-term mechanism of Yalong digitalization platform

The data source of Yalong river digitalization platform is collected by sensors, buildings, equipment, personnel and existed business, mainly including geographic information data, project 3D model data, real-time data, management data, etc. The system has established data collection mechanism, data access mode, data update standard, providing stable data services for Yalong river digitalization platform.

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