SuperMap 3D GIS with BIM

12 Jul,2016

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a model construction process based on building projects’ related information data, which simulates all the real information of building by digital information. After the development of decades, BIM is transferring from ‘Modeling Oriented’ to 'Multi-dimension Data Application Oriented'.

'BIM + GIS' is an important direction for BIM multi-dimension application, GIS provides professional spatial query and analysis abilities and GIS environment basis, which can deeply exploit BIM values. 

SuperMap GIS based on 2D & 3D, integrated practical GIS spatial analysis and rich 3D visualization effects, providing rich geo-spatial information. Under the support of 3D GIS technology, BIM has integrated with multiple spatial data like oblique photogrammetry, terrain, 3D pipe lines, etc., which has realized integrated management of indoor and outdoor environments.

Perfect integration between BIM and 3D GIS

Easy to import BIM data

SuperMap GIS provides convenient BIM import mechanism, supporting mainstream BIM data formats (FBX, IFC, DAE, OBJ, 3DS, OSGB/OSG), ensuring the link between model and attribute by ‘primitive ID’, realizing model jointing, attribute integration between BIM software and 3D GIS platforms.

Instantiation and LOD technology ensures performance

In order to have a better performance, SuperMap GIS uses LOD architecture and instantiation technology to break the limit of viewing of high density model: LOD technology allows displaying different levels of detailed models according to distance and slowing down the rendering pressure of graphic card; Using instantiation highly improved the rendering efficiency.

Multiple practical GIS functions provided

On the practical level, SuperMap GIS has provided GIS functions like attribute query statistics, inter-visibility analysis, sunshine analysis, indoor wandering, etc.; Realized BIM functions of simulating model building process, displaying designated floor/component; Provides BIM coordinate conversion, accurate matching between BIM and other spatial data, fulfilling the needs of combination between big scene and indoor detailed scene.

BIM extension using multiple data

Based on core level 2D & 3D technologies series, SuperMap GIS provides experience of spatial data management, scene construction and spatial analysis on 2D data and 3D data, which can effectively use 3D application constructed by 2D data and BIM, providing practical analysis ability. SuperMap GIS provides edge-cutting oblique photogrammetry 3D GIS application solutions, displaying the combination of oblique photogrammetry and indoor BIM with underground model, forming 3D scenes from outdoor to indoor, from above ground to underground.

3D GIS provides multiple spatial data for a solid GIS environment basis for BIM, fulfilling the combination needs between big scene and indoor detailed scenes, and the management function of GIS extends BIM applications to long projects like road, tunnel, water and electricity. 

Cloud & terminal architecture promotes BIM lightweight maintenance management

'Multi-dimension Data Application oriented' BIM has the purpose of solving 'What’s used for' and 'How to use' rather than 'Modeling’, constructing an ordered BIM maintenance system has important value for BIM.

SuperMap GIS provides cloud & terminal maintenance and management solution: the pre-operations like analysis, data conversion, and light weighting, etc., established the foundation for light weight maintenance and management on data service; SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL as a front displaying platform, can access 3D data service on the cloud, extensible for third-party, can access cloud service provided by BIM data manufacturer and have multiple analysis functions to fulfill the practical maintenance needs. The integration technology of 'Cloud processing + Terminal displaying' has brought more intensive, friendly, secure, efficient maintenance experience, making web viewing, sharing and coordinating of model maintenance by BIM easier.

'3D GIS + BIM' Application Scenes

The combination between BIM and 3D GIS can be applied in the industries of urban planning management, indoor navigation, resource management, city pipe management, emergency rescue, building changing. Comparing with its own application, it is improved in model quality, analysis quality, decision efficiency, budget controlling.

'BIM + Oblique Photogrammetry' promotes building smart city

The oblique photogrammetry has been widely used, which can full angle display the features of geographic world, fulfilling the digitalization needs of urban geographic space; BIM as an accurate detailed model has filled the gap of urban indoor spatial digitalization.
GIS is an important basis of smart city. Oblique photogrammetry technology based on SuperMap GIS along with 3D GIS technology has put BIM and oblique photogrammetry as the same reference frame. The combination between BIM and oblique photogrammetry has established solid spatial information foundation for smart city. 

'BIM + 3D Pipelines' constructs complete pipeline management system

In the 3D digital factory and urban pipeline scenes, there are the complicated pipelines and large amount of equipment. Considering the advantages of BIM, 3D modeling construction and machinery using BIM technology is usually chosen in the design process. After completion of project, it will build 3D pipeline management system for maintenance. The 2D & 3D integration technology based on SuperMap GIS can use 3D pipeline points, pipe line symbols and self-adapt symbols to quickly construct complete and real 3D pipeline scenes; for the affiliated building and electronic equipment, it can directly use pipeline BIM model.3D facility network analysis function in 3D GIS can do pipe burst analysis, profile analysis, digging analysis, distance analysis, collision analysis, interconnection analysis, etc. solving the real problems in pipeline management.

SuperMap GIS will keep developing BIM industrial applications, supporting more BIM formats, carrying larger BIM data, providing more BIM functions, and cooperate with BIM partners to complete BIM and GIS combination technology solution.

SuperMap GIS will keep developing BIM industrial applications, supporting more BIM formats, carrying larger BIM data, providing more BIM functions, and cooperate with BIM partners to complete BIM and GIS combination technology solution.

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