Emergency Preparation: SuperMap 3D Station Emergency Drilling Platform

28 Apr,2016

SuperMap 3D station emergency drilling platform V1.0 has been released. As an applied software which assists oil, gas and chemical stations for emergency preparation, SuperMap 3D station emergency drilling platform is a 2D&3D integrated platform which based on 3D model, combining with the procedures of different oil, gas and chemical stations, forming a set of functions which include resource management, technical process, maintenance alert, potential accidents management, production securities training, visualization plan and drill simulation.

From the perspective of platform, the system is based on SuperMap platform, controlling 3D scene at full angle, it vividly shows the scenes at oil, gas and chemical stations. Also, it has better extensibility, can integrate the life cycle data of equipment and facilities at station, it can connect to video surveillance, SCADA automatic production system, DCS controlling system to realize production management interactive operations. Full scene interactive operations, vivid accident simulation of fire, haze, spout has provided users life-like experience.

From the perspective of functionality, the system can display technical procedure at the station, improve the results of technical operations training; It integrates gas spread model, explosion radius model, dynamic analysis of area of disaster influence, path of evacuation to improve the specialty of drill; it can realize the drill from multi terminals and users simultaneously.

More functions introduction:
1. 2D&3D integration display technology
3D drill platform for station emergency preparation is based on SuperMap 2D&3D integration technology, achieved the function of geo-data unified management, unified display. In the same 3D scene, it can add satellite image, 3D model, 2D geo-data, 3D spatial data, CAD data., etc.

3D measuring

Visualization analysis of video surveillance

2. Contingency plan making and displaying technology
Users can add basic playing frame according to different requests of stations and its corresponding contingency plan making script. They can also add model animation effect, skeleton effect and particle effect to improve the fidelity of animation. The whole process of making is visual and can be displayed any time to see if the contingency plan doable to ensure the accuracy of the plan.


3. Station potential accidents management and displaying technology
Station will inspect equipment and facilities regularly, every equipment has its corresponding record, but these records are written in paper sheet or in unclassified digital sheets. These records are very hard to associate with the station equipment, however, if we put these records into the system and label their locations in the station. Then we see the potential accidents, we can not only search for the records, but also display the locations of potential accidents and record the date of reported potential accidents, recording person, cycle, status., etc. Meanwhile for the warning and alarming, we label as yellow and red in the scene to distinguish them.

Warning on maintenance

Statistics on maintenance

4. Technical process visualization technology
Traditionally, the whole technical process is displayed using the basic lines and figures by 2D Visio diagram. This displaying method is stiff and not intuitive, it is also hard to do maintenance, and it even needs to redraw technical process if necessary. Technical process visualization technology of SuperMap 3D station emergency drilling platform can vividly display the process of different techniques process based on the 3D scene in reality and highlight advance on the surface of 3D model. If there is a change in a technical process, only need to update its corresponding data in the technical list.

Technical process displaying

5. Simultaneous drills on multi-terminal and multi-users technology.
SuperMap 3D station emergency drilling platform have different users on CS and BS, as long as these users are in the same network and in the same coordination environment, all the users can synchronize all the scenes. The operations, consequences, reaction made by a user will be displayed in the other users’ scenes. By this way can not only simulate the cooperation between personnel in different situations, but also can see if the contingency plan is correct, doable. Meanwhile it can train the employees how to deal with emergency situations, allowing them to familiarize and know the dealing process in the simulation environment.

6. Safe production training technology
Training function mainly aims at assessing the production, emergency situations of technical process, contingency plan and potential accidents. The purpose of the training is to improve the ability on judging and dealing with the emergency situations of the personnel on site. Assessment topics will be raised by the qualified personnel like production manager, security manager. The system will randomly choose the topic when assessing, training records will be stored in the system, authorized users can even query the training statistics to make the next training more targeted.

Safe production training- questions raising

Safe production training- questions answering

Safe production training- statistic querying

7. Equipment and facilities network analysis technology
Network analysis function is realized by optimal path algorithm based on network data with topology structure. Analysis technology on evacuation and rescue is based on SuperMap network analysis. There are some routine points and emergency meeting points in the system, users can choose automatic analysis, the system will calculate the shortest path from accident point to meeting point and indicates the distance and time; valve-turnoff analysis uses upstream and downstream analysis function, user specifies a malfunctioning equipment, the system will automatically analyze the valve that has been influenced and display it in animation in the scene; disaster influence analysis is a combination of the 2 above technologies, then through 3D envelop diagram and 3D particle effect technology, it conclude the results like the influencing area, nearest rescue facility and optimal path.

Analysis on evacuation and rescue

Valve-turnoff analysis

Analysis on disaster influence

In conclusion, SuperMap 3D station emergency drilling platform v1.0 has provided new experience in 3D scene and technical process displaying, visualization of contingency, coordination simulation drill, safe production training, it will provide a complete solution for constructing new station emergency preparation system.

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